'Applied Theurgy' Chapter


The ultimate goal of all theurgic practice is to advance spiritually, to draw closer to the divine, become more God like, and any spiritual gifts are seen as secondary to the pursuit of the exalted state of harmony or even oneness with the God. There is a functional framework to theurgy. Their practice involves a walking in their Gods footsteps. It’s believed that by acting as the God acts and performing the functions the God performs, you advance along the path they set out.

There is a caveat as far as practice goes. You can only embrace the full path of a divinity you can literally imitate, because theurgy parallels imitative magic. You can respect other theurgic practices as a whole, but still have to have one that you yourself could follow.

So theurgy is as broad a study as magic, and if it’s of interest this can become a series where I touch on the theurgy of different deities, even of different divine or spiritual forces.

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“When we know what God is, we shall be gods ourselves” George Bernard Shaw (Irish literary Critic, Playwright and Essayist. 1925 Nobel Prize for Literature, 1856-1950)

Cousin of Magic

We have all heard a great deal about magic as it’s a very popular topic these days, at least in some circles. Theurgy is a cousin of magic and there has been a love hate relationship between the two schools… Seek More

Walking In Gods Footsteps

Buddhism is very theurgic (although without the God) with their focus on Nirvana and other gifts in the practice are secondary. Yes, and theurgy is just the pursuit of an acknowledged divine or spiritual work. It doesn’t require a deity… Seek More

Original Battle Of The Sexes

Shall we start with a forgotten divinity to illustrate theurgic practice? Now much of this is very unpopular with Christians. It could even move them to violence, but it’s a combination of a Gnostic survival and anthropological and archeological research.… Seek More

Worship Of Asherah

I saw an article about Asherah being God’s wife. Asherah should not have been neglected. I guess they thought they were serving stability, and in the process they sacrificed what little sanity they had. I was wondering why they would… Seek More

Path Of Gods

Shall we conclude the history lesson and get down to theurgic practice? Specifically referencing Asherah, as only bits and pieces of her wisdom are preserved in the original Judaic form, you would need to adopt them from another cultures that… Seek More

Closer to God

What if theurgy sounds appealing to you, but you don’t believe in Gods in the literal sense? Well, the original observations about the Gods were made on what we would consider an irrational but otherwise objective sense. They believed that… Seek More

Eros is Passion

Today we are talking about Eros. In English, we have only the one word, love, but in Greek they have four words for love. We will be talking about only one of these. Eros could be described as passionate love.… Seek More

Messenger Between

Eros in Greek mythology was a messenger between the gods and humanity inspiring more than sexual desire. But Eros did not have the broad scope of perception that the gods had (not actually being a god), and his actions often… Seek More

Rooted in the Passions

People look at the natural world, the plants and animals, and describe their ways as base, crass, even brutal. They think that art and truth and other aspects of beauty are somehow foreign to the natural world. We have these… Seek More

Play Pretend to Find Reality

How many people do you know in your lives who seem very passionate about anything at all? I know many that do. Role playing brings out the passion to create. Do they all create the same things? People that are shy… Seek More