'Eros' Chapter


Eros is passion, passionate love, as distinct from the appetite of lust. Eros inspires music and art, literature, even mystical rapture.

Eros is the guide that reveals beauty, and not everything that is beautiful is also uplifting. I myself have felt crushed by the beauty of a world I felt I could take no real part in. This was still Eros.

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“Either take away, O Eros, a wish for love, or let me be loved! Take away all desire, or satisfy it” Lucillius

Eros is Passion

Today we are talking about Eros. In English, we have only the one word, love, but in Greek they have four words for love. We will be talking about only one of these. Eros could be described as passionate love.… Seek More

Messenger Between

Eros in Greek mythology was a messenger between the gods and humanity inspiring more than sexual desire. But Eros did not have the broad scope of perception that the gods had (not actually being a god), and his actions often… Seek More

Rooted in the Passions

People look at the natural world, the plants and animals, and describe their ways as base, crass, even brutal. They think that art and truth and other aspects of beauty are somehow foreign to the natural world. We have these… Seek More

Play Pretend to Find Reality

How many people do you know in your lives who seem very passionate about anything at all? I know many that do. Role playing brings out the passion to create. Do they all create the same things? People that are shy… Seek More

Invoke Eros

So Eros, what should we do with it? Invoke it? Yes. Centre in it. Live for the love of life itself. But don’t go kissing cops like in that “Love Potion Number 9” song. True, and that itself isn’t Eros. That is… Seek More

Speak to His Heart

Eros and logos, passion and reason, should be married in the psyche, in the mind. Mind unrooted in passion can justify hideous behaviour as being logical. Passion unconnected to reason lacks any expressive power, and thus loses its transformative potential. The Gorgon… Seek More

Need for Catharsis

You have Eros for your writing, passionate love, an intimate relationship with it. It is a part of you, no? Yes, it is. One can have Eros for their relationship or for a special class of experience. They can have… Seek More