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Where a place doesn’t arise from nature it can arise from spiritual principle, though it is a rare thing.

Messenger Between in Eros


Eros in Greek mythology was a messenger between the gods and humanity inspiring more than sexual desire. But Eros did not have the broad scope of perception that the gods had (not actually being a god), and his actions often lead to complications for the mortals involved. Eros unintentionally led some people to pathos or suffering.

Unrequited love? Being perhaps one of the most obvious manifestations. But really, have you ever been so happy or filled with a sense of love that you couldn’t help but cry? There were tears in my eyes on the night of my son’s birth. Eros is the guide that reveals beauty, and not everything that is beautiful is also uplifting. I myself have felt crushed by the beauty of a world I felt I could take no real part in. This was still Eros.

What we’re drawn to with passion doesn’t always uplift us? Yes. One can feel passionate hate as well as passionate love, and well, hate is not the opposite of love but just its mirror image. The two emotions aren’t mutually exclusive are they? To hate, you have to care. To hate, something has to have meaning. But now we are talking about love…

How much Eros would you say is present in today’s society? Lust is abundant, so much so as to have become stereotyped and bland, at least in my view. What about yours?

A lot of beauty is so fake. Is beauty fake, or is it fashion that is fake? And by fashion I don’t just mean clothes.

Fashion tells us what to call beauty. And it lies. It can’t help but lie.

I like fashion as an art form. If fashion were an art form knowingly practised, it would be a valid way to express beauty, and it would have a greater range of individuality just as other art forms have or once had.

Beauty is present in the world, but it’s expressed or discovered. It can’t actually be manufactured. What tells us that something is beautiful?

When it makes you want to look at it that little bit longer like the cookies or the sunset. You might not even seek to possess the beautiful thing. You may be willing to leave the cookies alone for the moment, but there is still a sense of relating or connecting involved, no?

Like the memory that baking evokes? Yes. Of a mom or grandmother teaching you to make them. A feeling of love that in today’s society we have mistaken for something unconnected with our passions.

Maybe that is why we love nostalgia so much? Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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