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Mindlessness isn’t tantric, aimlessness isn’t tantric, but pain and pleasure, bliss and void, these are tantric.

Play Pretend to Find Reality in Eros


How many people do you know in your lives who seem very passionate about anything at all?

I know many that do. Role playing brings out the passion to create. Do they all create the same things? People that are shy can open up to their hearts more I think. Yes. It becomes safe because it’s “fiction.”

Everything that I have learned about myself is real. Anyone who says different to me will know about it. That’s my passion now. But you had to be willing to play along, play pretend, to find that reality. What is Eros if not play?

And be willing to join in other peoples pretend. Yes. Sometimes that worked well, sometimes not. It’s an intimacy. Two people open their innermost minds to each other when they are willing to share in “fantasy”, and it can be more than two.

To do the crazy stuff? It can go strangely, yes. That is where Eros becomes fetishism, otherwise Eros is fluid, adaptive places relating above fixed forms.

I have a passion for arguing that I never had before. If the arguing serves you well, then perhaps it is something that needs pursuing. People visit various passions at turns throughout their lives.

Maybe I mean debating. Debating can be an intimacy also, like dancing with words. One person leads with a statement, the other responds with a seemingly counter statement, but really the counter statement just serves to further understanding of the thing being talked about. It can be a beautiful thing, and thus erotic in the sense I have been using it today. Commercialism makes the term erotic into something filthy and meaningless really.

So when you make a connection through understanding with someone else, yes? That is intellectual intercourse.

A woman reading erotica is labelled as sad or lonely. Sometimes that label is true, but it also could be that she’s feeding a creative imagination, and more interested in varieties of human character and social scenarios, exotic places and cultures, than she is seeking to sublimate sexual desire through soft core pornography.

The idea of “guilty pleasure” indicates that society doesn’t accept our passion in one way or another. Yes, and that guilty pleasure can be any of a huge variety of things. Men who like to watch programs like Glee. Women who like to work on restoring old cars, things like that. There are men who are big fans of romance novels, but they won’t tell anyone. Why is that?

They’ll be judged as not manly, calling you a “homo” or a girly man. It’s unfortunate, and a socially approved source of self-deceit. Is it in any way necessary? Does anyone benefit? The term romance novel originally referred to what we would consider science fiction and fantasy novels today. Tarzan and Solomon Kane were romance novels.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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