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The Love of a Mother, The Connection of a Twin by Ken Myers in Guest Articles

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When I was child my mother told me about the day when I was born. I am going to share this story with you. The day that my mother was going to give birth to me she was in the river washing the family clothes. For that time there no washer machine in my house. It was in 1967 in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico. When she felt that it was time to give birth to me, she washed all the clothes rapidly, and then she went to the house, mopped the floor, made the food, and then she called the midwife. At that time many women gave birth through the service of midwives. When I came out, my mother felt that something else jumped inside her. They carried her to the hospital in another town because in the hospital of my town there was not a maternity ward. The baby did not want to leave. Six hours later my mother had another child, my brother. For that reason we are twins but we were born in different places, I in my house and he in the hospital of another town.

When teachers of a school near my house knew that my mother had twins, some of them wanted to adopt me because my mother had 15 children at that time. One of those teachers went to my house many times with the purpose to convince my mother because she wanted to adopt me. My mother didn’t want to give me up in adoption. She said to her: “My children are the most important in my life, no matter if a have 15, they are my children; so I can’t give anyone to you.” I knew that teacher when I was a child because she was the Superintendent of the School District of my town.

It is said that twins have a sense that allows them to recognize and feel when his twin is in trouble or feels bad. Not if it’s real or coincidence, but my brother and I have felt the same way in different situations and it affects us more what happens to one and the other, than the other siblings. However, both of us are very different. He never liked school, but I always was very studious. He failed in several grades and I had to study with him so he could get ahead.

In conclusion, I was always very glad that mother didn’t give me up to be adopted. She always showed us the love of a mother. No matter that she had 16 children; she loved us as the same way.

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