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Christmas Spirit by Cheryl Watt in Guest Articles


You know, spirit is something that I feel changes in the same way the body changes. Life events can alter the way you see the world… Yes, that is stating the obvious. Well, perhaps folks can use a little reminder.

Spirit is something that develops with age, it can be nurtured and it can be most certainly destroyed. Though the latter seems to become more difficult for me the older and more confident I become. Fuelling my fire with the things that allow me to feel complete becomes what feeling spiritual is all about.

I can remember Christmases from my childhood being a time of magic for me. We always had a fresh tree, hung with non LED lights, tinsel and colourful glass balls. And at the top of the tree was the prettiest angel.

She was nothing especially fancy. The head was plastic with a gold curl of paint for hair, and a little heart shaped mouth. The paper cone was covered in shiny gold fabric, she had lace wings and her hands came together in prayer. The tree was not complete without her.

Now, I find that no Christmas tree is finished without the angel on top. Angels to me are as precious as a flag would be to a country. They symbolize the journey we make after we leave our bodies. The love and devotion that angels show by giving up their time in bliss to come and help us here on earth. Some would say humbug to such an idea.

So, that is another thing about spirit. Having faith in what you believe and not letting anyone say your beliefs are silly or impossible.

Now, Christmas spirit is wonderful. It is wonderful, because even the most miserable of miserable persons can be saved from their misery by the littlest of things. A simple act of kindness given from themselves or to themselves for example. Giving just makes the self feel great. And yes, I do think giving to your self is just as important as giving to others. It is not selfish, it is love.

I suppose there is another side to this though. Why don’t we feel such a generosity all year long? Considering how stressful it can be to arrange meals, shop in busy malls and worry about over indulging, gaining weight, etc. It is a wonder anybody has time to think about anyone but themselves. However… all of those things that we make stressful are only made that way because they are held so high in our list of must dos.

For instance, gifts are nice, but they certainly are not a must. Besides that, with all the online shopping out there you do not need to ever go near a store. You could try making presents as well, which I think is a very nice way to show someone you care. They put their love into creating something to symbolize what is in their spirit. Art work, writing, food, and of course simply the honour of your company. Those are lovely ways to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Here is something that may surprise you about the wishes that kids make for Christmas. A recent survey that I saw on the news report a few nights ago asked groups of children from all ages and classes what they had on their list this year. Most of them put at the top of the list not a toy or clothes, but for more time spent with a parent. Young ones are pretty wise about what they truly need, and no one is telling them to stop asking for it. So then why do people say that to themselves after they have grown up?

So maybe that spirit that you feel at Christmas time can be honoured all year long by really listening to what people wish for… not money, cars and big screen TVs… but respect, love and quality time together with someone they care about.

I will close with the immortal words of one Mr. Red Green by saying I’m pullin’ for ya… Cause remember, we’re all in this together. Together in body, mind and spirit always. Not only at holiday time. Oh, and keep your stick on the ice for heavens sakes.

Happy wishes to you whatever you choose to celebrate, and however you choose to honour your beliefs.

Ok here goes, I’m going to say it… to hell with political correctness.


Cheryl Watt
Guest Blogger
Dragon Intuitive

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