'Ganesha' Chapter


Ganesha is both a name and a title, a combination of ganna and isha. Ganna being groups, and Isha being lord or leader, so it means lord or leader of groups. Although Ganesha is most commonly seen as male, he is also just as legitimately female and encompasses many truths.

The rites of Ganesha tend to be sort of like parties, bringing people together, celebrating the moment, and sharing freely. The removal of obstacles, opening your door to the world and people around you, and also with Ganesha’s wisdom that some obstacles do need to remain in place.

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Right Place, Right Time

We are talking about Ganesha today, as well as some other things. Male or female Ganesha? Well, Hindu devas tend to be sort of fractal, so in a sense both but most typically seen as male. The name stems from… Seek More

Elephant in the Room

Neuroscience has been forming some interesting ideas, and they have the potential to be very useful if not literally true. Our concept of self is imperfect. Neuroscience is exploring how and why this might be so from a physicalist and… Seek More

Blind Man’s Elephant

I have seen people use silence as a way to get someone to say things they don’t want to. They just ask a question and stare at you, not saying a word and letting you stew in the silence. That… Seek More

Influence Behind Obstacles

Let’s make this a little more experiential shall we? Understanding Ganesha can be easily approached by understanding the human history with elephants. In the pre-industrial age, elephants were really never a threat to humanity, and the cultures that learned to… Seek More

Remembering the Ways of Genesha

Shall we get down to the applied part of this theurgy? Well, there are traditional holidays associated with Ganesha, and you can observe those, but you can also adapt those or develop your own. The path of Ganesha has proven… Seek More

Ganesha as Yidam

Even the elephant rests though. Even, in a sense, circles the wagons metaphorically speaking. So even retreat is necessary, and that’s where the inner part of applied theurgy comes in regarding Ganesha. Ganesha can serve as a yidam. Are you… Seek More