Inner voice = the prime mover. Also inner voice = prima materia = first matter. It’s a part of the bigger order and doesn’t focus on human whim. I do what the voices tell me.

Remembering the Ways of Genesha in Ganesha


Shall we get down to the applied part of this theurgy?

Well, there are traditional holidays associated with Ganesha, and you can observe those, but you can also adapt those or develop your own. The path of Ganesha has proven culturally very flexible as long as the spirit is understood and preserved.

Observation is fairly easy. The rites of Ganesha tend to be sort of like parties, bringing people together, celebrating the moment, and sharing freely of whatever it is you have to offer those in your community. The removal of obstacles, opening your door to the world and people around you, as much as your emotional strength allows of course, and also with Ganesha’s wisdom that some obstacles do need to remain in place. This is the external practice. You can study the symbols and stories of Ganesha. They attempt to encapsulate the wisdom and experience people have had or perceived related to this great being, and set up a small shrine as a focus and reminder of your path just leaving an offering in the morning. Traditionally he is said to like sweets, but traditionally sweets were a rare thing in short supply.

Is Ganesha helpful for business? Very helpful for business. Remembering the ways of Ganesha promotes wise business practices. You earn not from what you can take from the customer, but based on what you are giving them. Ever notice elephants are not known for theft? Many animals steal, but not elephants, and traditionally they were easy to work with. Once a community became familiar with a specific elephant, they could often easily get it to remove something for them, clear a fallen tree in the forest. They were even known for being protective of village children. Roaring at predators as they drew too close.

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So, Ganesha is both an obstacle and a remover of obstacles? Yes. You must keep what belongs to you, keep what you need for your own strength and well being, but also know when to spend it, when to give it to another.

If one elephant is stuck, the others will gather around and help her get unstuck. Indeed.

The vehicle of Ganesha is symbolized as the mouse or rat. The concept of a vehicle is core symbolism in traditional lore. The mouse is the vehicle of Ganesha. Vehicle also translatable as vessel, or channel.

How does this work? Ganesha is like a path over a snowy mountain. The mouse is the snow shoes. You recognize an obstacle as an obstacle because of desire. Without desire you would see no obstacles, and never really know Ganesha.

I just got an image of a squished mouse. The squished mouse does happen, but that squished mouse is you. You are the vehicle of Ganesha. If Ganesha has to ride on you, you go squish. If Ganesha can ride in you, then you transform. It’s desire that transforms.

Aren’t elephants afraid of mice? They are not. That’s a myth, and derives from westerners trying to understand eastern iconography.

A myth created by the mice? Metaphorically speaking, yes. What they saw was Ganesha dancing with a mouse at it’s feet, and they didn’t come themselves from a dancing culture, or at least not one with a deep understanding of dancing. The dance of Ganesha is the dance of swinging doors. Have you ever noticed obstacles often seem rather short lived? But if you are the frantic scurrying mouse, slam! And you wind up feeling terrorized, feeling like you can never really understand, that you just can’t get ahead. The mouse can dance with Ganesha, and prosper much more than they would have if they tried to race under foot. Ganesha is a gatherer. That intimidating dance gathers up opportunities like a big bowl of ripe fruit, but can you ever attain anything without effort?

No. You have to follow Ganesha’s foot falls, like you might when following a skilled guide over difficult terrain.

I’m getting too metaphorical here maybe. Let’s say opportunity has always followed the noise. Does that make the metaphor make the most sense? Yes, you can go forage in the quiet field, but it tends to be slim pickings, bear of much. All the life is to be found where the sound and lights are.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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