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Original Battle Of The Sexes in Asherah


Shall we start with a forgotten divinity to illustrate theurgic practice? Now much of this is very unpopular with Christians. It could even move them to violence, but it’s a combination of a Gnostic survival and anthropological and archeological research.

The modern God Yahweh, also known as Jehovah, has a feminine counterpart, and there are actually references to her in the Bible. Even after feudal era chauvinism edited much of it out (and there was editing even before then) she went by many names and titles. She was called the Shekina, but most commonly she was called Asherah. Also known as Astarte and lots of variations on this name. Jesus himself would not have known the word God or used it himself as the word is Germanic in origin. He would have and did use multiple titles ascribed to Yahweh, and it is likely that he was a student of a Judaic asceticism.

In Azeroth in World of Warcraft, there is a region called Azshera. True. Fantasy authors get all these fancy names from doing research and sometimes use them with very little modification.

The clergy of Ashera would have existed alongside the priesthood of Yahweh, and did. There is a reference to King Solomon himself taking a wife from outside those approved by his priesthood. There is some reason to believe he took for his head wife a Priestess of Asherah as Asherah was served more or less exclusively by women.

The marriage was likely a political move though. There are repeated references in the Bible to the tribes of Israel. It’s always plural. It seems the tribes of the nation of Israel were not happily coexisting, and many of the “foreign” powers that supposedly afflicted that nation were likely not so foreign, even tracing back a genetic link to Cain.

So enough of the history of theological infighting. It’s long and not very useful. We shall speak of what could be seen as one of the original battles of the sexes. Asherah was seen as Yahweh’s equal, and though she did not have male priests, she did have male devotees. She was a fertility Goddess where Yahweh was a God of law and governance perhaps much like Zeus which would explain why Rome was so hot to pick up Christianity as a state doctrine late in its history.

This sort of mirrors the tale of Lilith. It is connected to the story of Lilith. She would have been the first daughter of Asherah and was not destroyed because she could not be destroyed, but instead went into the wilderness where she was sheltered by Asherah as Asherah is more or less synonymous with the Earth Mother. The story even goes on to tell about two angels of God being sent to either bring Lilith back or destroy her, and they did neither because Lilith reasoned with them. They instead made a pact with her where by they could defend the descendants of Adam from her wrath. It seems Asherah made Lilith to be quite powerful. I will paraphrase the Bible here, “Let us make man in our image, man and woman let us make them.” It is only restated differently after.

Adam was made by Yahweh and Lilith made by Asherah? Yes. Lilith’s crime was that she sought to take rather than be taken. She wouldn’t be treated as a possession.

She wanted to be on top? Yes. Her story leads into the lore regarding Succubi as they are seen as her daughters.

Is this why missionary position is the only one they like? Actually, yes. It was church doctrine for a long while, and in the fertility celebrations of Asherah a.k.a. Astarte, a man didn’t take one of the priestesses. He was taken by her.

So Eve was the younger second wife? Exactly.

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