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Worship Of Asherah in Asherah


I saw an article about Asherah being God’s wife. Asherah should not have been neglected. I guess they thought they were serving stability, and in the process they sacrificed what little sanity they had.

I was wondering why they would take her out? She fomented questioning and possible defiance. She got in the way of creating a military state. The age of empires lead to the age of reason in the aftermath of the dark age, but it could have gone differently.

In the Semitic pantheon, there has been extensive cross pollination. In the demonizing of Asherah she even underwent a sex change and became the demon Astaroth. A great many supposed demons were just other Semitic deities. This is why they accuse the Yezidi people of devil worship.

The worship of Asherah did involve sexuality, but it also involved domestic doctrines and land management principles. This is why the Bible seems so spotty on anything having to do with agriculture but was big on fishing and observation of the stars. Yahweh was seen in part as a Sky God. He still is to a large degree. The sky is too intimidating to be sexy.

Did Asherah make Eve? No, Yahweh did. But Eve would come under the influence of the demon known as Astaroth, which was the only name for Satan for a long time, and would be tempted into embracing the knowledge of good and evil and embracing practices such as wearing clothing. Astaroth was the reincarnation of Asherah, just given a sex change to be made to seem more scary. Gnostics know Asherah as Sophia which is the Greek word for wisdom.

So the first wife got them kicked out of their house. Headline: Tyranny First Wife Takes The House. This is actually part of the doctrine of a heretical school of Christianity known as the Ophites. They see the work of the serpent as being an act of liberation. The phallic reference is perhaps obvious, but there is more to that then the obvious. In fact, the word vulgar originally meant obvious.

Eve tempted by a foreign “serpent”? Yes. The interplay of Semitic with African cultures seems to come in here as the God most often associated with serpent in modern recollection was Set. In Egypt, Set or Seth was originally a male God of the earth and fertility, prosperity and wealth.

Is that why you chose the name Seth in Second Life? Yes, that and feeling a connection with Set in any form. I was born under the sign of Anubis who has links to Set. He is even sometimes seen as the son of Set when Set was the guardian of Ra the Sun God.

There are Egyptian signs? Yes, and they largely parallel the Arabic signs. Egyptian and Arab astrology were being practiced along side each other. There are references to the various seasons and which God governs them in the Egyptian Book of the Dead though it isn’t detailed on that.

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