'Kali' Chapter


Kali is she who is time and change, and in essence energy, where her consort is matter. Shiva is her consort. Change is possible due to the interaction between Shiva and Kali.

Kali is time, the great mother. She is universally depicted as being very dark, like a deep clouded night sky or deep oblivious sleep. She came into being before Shiva, before matter. Without Kali, Shiva lies dead, matter loses life and meaning. Without Shiva, Kali’s potential remains empty, vast but without substance to manifest awareness in.

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The Gods Move

I will describe things in a way that some traditionalist may object to. I don’t mean to offend anyone by it. I’m just drawing from my general sense of the cross cultural meaning of these things. How do you feel… Seek More

Kali Unites

Kali is seen as a destroyer not because of any evil in her. She is well above the potential for evil. What they observe is that many things in life are unstable. They can’t persist for very long. So Kali… Seek More

Kali Is In You

Shall we move onto practice? Have I described the nature and character of Kali? Well, besides serving as a model to understand the natural world, the gods can serve as a locus for one’s personal understanding. Remember how earlier I… Seek More