'Shiva' Chapter

Shiva as the Lord of Dance

Shiva seems to behave on the cosmic level in a universal context. The dance of Shiva contributes to human social order, and in a way because of that fate, on the ultimate outcome of human experience.

We can hear Shiva’s roar on the internet. All the user commentary and general traffic, and mostly it gives people the impression that internet culture is for the most part a psychological trash heap. This would be the pile of bodies Shiva is known to dance on.

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“We should worship lord Shiva so that we are freed from our worldly attachments just like a fruit falls from a tree after ripening. Once we are successful in doing this we are liberated from this vicious cycles of life and death.” Yajur Veda

Special Memory

Tonight, we are doing another in the applied theurgy series, specifically on the god Shiva/Rudra. But first, what would you call an influence that spans individual beings awareness, influencing them all? Transcendent? Meme or archetype, I guess, are technical terms. We… Seek More

Dance of Shiva

Shiva is a very mysterious deity like many if not all of the Hindu deities. Shiva seems to behave more on the cosmic level in a universal context than anything else. We often don’t get a chance to see all… Seek More

Originators of Your Flesh and Blood

Accepting the gods from one point of view is just accepting reality. Following the gods is learning their ways and habits. Is there any way you can get to know someone better than by living with them? Sometimes you only… Seek More

Practice the Memory of the God

I may get a little Gnani here, non-devotional. From one point of view the purpose of ritual is to honor the gods, and I won’t deny that. People tend to get caught up in what might please the gods. I… Seek More

Dwelling on Shiva

So ritual, the prescribed offerings, the chants, incense and dance, the symbolism and works of charity, each selectively and deliberately undertaken, serve as memory cues. When you see or smell Shiva’s offering, even before you begin the ritual, you can… Seek More


So shall we discuss sainthood? It may not be what you think. Deep and prolonged devotion, even passionate commitment to devotion, one can become changed. It changes one. Mental force has been proven to rewire the human brain, if only… Seek More

Small Blessing

To use applied theurgy as it regards healing practice, it’s not necessary to achieve full unity with the divine to accomplish some of the things saints are known for. Even just a strong intuition, at different stages of deepening understanding,… Seek More