If you believe you exist because of what you do, then every moment you are unrealized.

Special Memory in Shiva

Shiva as the Lord of Dance

Tonight, we are doing another in the applied theurgy series, specifically on the god Shiva/Rudra. But first, what would you call an influence that spans individual beings awareness, influencing them all?


Meme or archetype, I guess, are technical terms. We have many of those in the realm of human experience, and often they seem to have a definite lifespan connected to them, thus they say things like disco is dead.

Not really ‘dead’ for those who love disco like the Bee Gee’s. Indeed, in a sense it’s undead.

Is it not often true that we refer to memories as if they were some sort of ghost or haunting influence? As if something behind the memory has power of its own to persist, often at times to our own regret. Sometimes the persistent memories are harmless or only annoying, other times they continue to bend our perception and behavior for many years after.

We even sometimes want a special memory to behave that way, though the conscious decision is often not enough. What would you call one of these memories that emerged not from our regular conscious and subconscious minds, but from the proto-conscious state that our minds emerged from? It might suggest an independent object or entity, no? If this presence emerged from time to time in our individual consciousness, what would that seem like?

A god? Perhaps, or an alien.

A haunting? A haunting, a demon, the list goes on. Well, even now researchers are discovering that there is something universal behind all consciousness. They have different theories for it. One that is holding up fairly well is that consciousness emerges as a quantum behavior in brains. Specifically in the cell architecture, very tiny tubes that make up the skeleton of our cells, and even shift under quantum level stimulation, reconfiguring themselves and by doing so the shape of the cell they are part of. This tube gaining a little quantum weight makes it flex one way, and all the others around it of course, and a new neural pathway is formed.

The quantum state information or energy cannot be destroyed or lost, but if say the being playing host to the afore mentioned brain dies, its information would become transposed upon the quantum background field. Even something being swallowed by a black hole also has its structure or information recorded on the field around it, and with the right mechanism being applied can be retrieved. This is necessary for our understanding of physics to hold water, no information can ever be lost.

Should the mind that temporarily died be revived, it would contain at least a small bit of information picked up from the quantum field around it, thus people being revived and accurately reporting things that happened outside of the operating room, things like that.

And shifts in personality for them afterward? Indeed, they tend to view our reality very differently, not always positively, but always in a way that seems to make them question what it all means.

I wonder if there would be some ‘choice’ involved in what information was retrieved. Choice is the behavior of the mind. Preference, conscious or subconscious, is part of the infrastructure of the mind. Another word for it taking from metaphysical thought is “sympathy.”

The big conundrum, on both sides of the divide, is how things get lost in translation. A lot of what could be learned is twisted by the limitations of the brain and socially reinforced thought. So a lot of contact from that side is seen as being somehow mysterious, even frightening, even to cultures that don’t see frightening encounters as automatic evidence of evil, the recurring notion of the terrible god, or the mysterious or even capricious god. To the devotees of voodoo, the loas are sometimes fickle, and that’s not seen as unfair. It’s just how things are. Baron samedi could kill someone just because he felt like it. They are the keepers of the order, but somewhere between humanity and the original creator.

It’s why they try to live in harmony with the loas. Even the gods are less likely to flip out on people if treated well. Their rituals are a form of keeping the peace, as well as communicating, even interacting.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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