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If there is any reality then you are real, and your choices are based on you.

Small Blessing in Shiva

Shiva as the Lord of Dance

To use applied theurgy as it regards healing practice, it’s not necessary to achieve full unity with the divine to accomplish some of the things saints are known for. Even just a strong intuition, at different stages of deepening understanding, even just an innate gift, one can come to understand some small facet of what they seek to unite with, and through that understanding grant even just a small blessing associated with that spirit.

Myself, I tend to understand the “nightmare” region of the proto-consciousness which means I can sometimes draw on that insight to grant people release from fear. If I deepen that, I can assist healing. As one loses fear of a hurt or disease, the body regains some strength. The momentary connection with the fear I bring can even sometimes act as a bracing agent, a sort of antibiotic, reminding the person’s body to fight the hurt. But that’s just one way it can work. Another example would be people who resonate with one of the muses say, as weird as their insights may seem, through their devotion to their art or science they sometimes see something that is remarkably powerful and useful. Muses that inspire craft do wonders for also restoring hope.

Another example might be Pele. Through devoted awareness and communion with Pele, not only can one come to understand her physical form, you would also get a sense for the rhythms of life on the islands, and actually the whole world. Pele is part of the fire of life itself. So the fire she gives would be very empowering, and excellent for healing and cleansing imbalances in the world around you.

Absolutely true. As goes your wellbeing and enlightenment, so go the others. When you do well for self, you have also done for others. This works politically too. Yes, it’s similar in voodoo. The reason they say the loa want to help their devotees is because through the one person they help they can influence others, and since they keep the harmony of life and nature, this is mostly a good thing. Restores order and the regularity and we find comfort in our daily lives. Sort of like the story of the fish on the shore. Everyone hear it before? Two people are walking along a shoreline. They see that some fish have washed up on the sand and are stranded, a great many fish, too many for them to save in time. One person goes and starts returning fish to the water. The other says, “Why are you doing that? You aren’t making much difference.” The one saving fish responded, “I made a difference to THAT fish.” People overlook that. Fortunately, the spirits aren’t so short sighted. Helping one person sense the message that the help is there, that it’s possible to do better, and leaves it open for other people to willingly seek that help. Help unasked for isn’t really help. Help unsought for in the end fails to matter.

It’s imposition. Yes. It’s like they say, give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Well, they don’t give fish, they teach fishing.

An example of this teaching… People tend to see everything around them as objects. Let’s look at the discovery of penicillin. From the conventional point of view it was just an accident even though it did involve living things. Who’s to say that the fungus didn’t choose to show him what it did, and he was just lucky enough to actually pay attention that time?

A lot of things happened that way. Maybe it’s really just about paying attention? Acknowledging that we are being taught, being shown what we need to know. What do you think?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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