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Counter culture becomes mainstream when the norm is toxic and society looses its center. Eventually not being recognizable in its original form.

Sainthood in Shiva

Shiva as the Lord of Dance

So shall we discuss sainthood? It may not be what you think.

Deep and prolonged devotion, even passionate commitment to devotion, one can become changed. It changes one. Mental force has been proven to rewire the human brain, if only slowly, but I wager simultaneous activation of many regions of the brain can speed up that process. Add to that physical response to ritual and emotional experience, and it might not actually take a lifetime to more or less completely rewire the brain. Here is where I get perhaps a bit theoretical.

Remember the preconscious quantum entities I mentioned earlier on? Well, if they are what’s breathing life into at least some of our understanding of the divine, then devotion to the ideas they are connected to, even if those ideas aren’t perfectly correct, would begin to entangle us with these proto-beings. Through the observer effect, the more something begins to resonate with a system, the more likely it is to more or less unify with it and resonate with it completely.

There is even a science behind this. The study of how disordered systems over time come to conform to the behavior of ordered systems they are in contact with. It’s physically observable with physical systems. Interference leads to harmony, like Shiva’s music.

Well, over time as the devotee becomes more and more fully aligned with the god, they begin to see things in the world from the god or proto-consciousness’ point of view, and the proto-consciousness sees things on a quantum level, timeless, unconfined by space, matter, and as being not so much a fixed thing as a potential for existence. This makes things like transmuting water into wine seem almost simple, no? What would give them the power to work these miracles is the fact that they don’t really exist as they once did. They are more like the object of their devotion than they are like other human beings, and thus their own bodies and minds resonate in such a way as to destabilize fixed physical patterns, if only just a little bit.

It might take a radical shift to make a bicycle turn into a lotus flower, but maybe it only takes a little shift to modify ones relationship to gravity, or make a ritual offering burn through intention alone. Matter is pretty dang combustible. Chemists metaphorically refer to this as a burning world.

Now as for the concept of self negation in the god, I’m not so sure that’s absolutely necessary or true that the ego has to be lost in the god, or that that’s even a good thing. It could be argued that when one reaches the point of unity with the divine, that it’s not so much self-abolition as self-realization.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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