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Sadness isn’t itself a virtue. You know your heart best when it breaks, and you can come to see, that though you feel grief, your heart isn’t actually “broken”.

Big Change Starts Small in Flow


The source that inspired the ancient sages is not gone, but old progress perhaps cannot be retrieved and is perhaps not even necessary to do so. Perhaps just an increased trust in ourselves as meaningful beings capable of perceiving truth in the world, and finding value in experience, would allow us to match and even exceed whatever it was they had gained, but we would need to start by respecting ourselves and practicing flow. Our ancestors are us, so by respecting what we are innately, we also show proper respect to them as well, honoring their desires whether they lost sight of them or not.

So if neo-paganism is a made up faith, so what? If the force was first a work of creative fiction, again so what? If the words and images and ideas behind any of these creative things speaks to you inside, that is as real as anything can possibly get. If your beliefs and intuitions empower you to engage fully in your life and express things in a way that enriches the world around you, what more truth could you want? Where we get over the made up road block is simple, perception, self-knowledge, fully embraced and explored experience.

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I feel many of us have forgotten to live this way. Unfortunately, that is true, but any big change starts small. Starbucks was at first a little no-name coffee bar in Seattle. Apple was just an idea a guy had while tinkering in his garage. These are business examples, but why do we come up with business ideas anyway?

The impact they have on the world?

They are the measure of success in today’s society.

We want to create something and that’s how it starts.

We need a basis of cooperation and exchange. So anything is better than nothing at all, but we don’t have to stop at an obviously inadequate level. We, each of us, do have needs, and one of those is a need to share, to experience other people and other life as a whole, and contribute to the greater experience we call reality itself. How we do that is still up to us. We can still make choices, and choices start in awareness, and first off in self-awareness.

For me, it’s another reminder about listening to my inner voice or being that really does show me my unique path. Exactly.

A note about words. Words are wonderful things to the degree they lead the mind to experience new aspects of itself. If words are actually in flow, they carry meaning quite naturally, and although it is an error to expect constant flow all the time, a measure of truth can be the degree to which the person’s words flow in a patterned cyclic way.

However, I’m not sure most are tuned into that aspect of speech. It takes a developed sense for thought and perception to gauge words like that.

When people are speaking on something that is part of their nature, the flow is in their words. They are “in their element” as they say. Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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