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Enlightened self-interest is wisdom. Everything has a cost and you will have to pay in one way or another. If you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, I feel it’s better to do what you will and accept the consequences.

Morph Perception in Flow


I find it’s best to keep to myself when I’m angry, and just write my thoughts down on paper, because all that energy wants to be released in some way. I really need a punching bag. Ah, that brings up the action part of flow as opposed to the state related part. Your state arises naturally. If your body is in pain, you will feel distressed. If your body feels ill, you will feel out of sorts or even fearful, and the body doesn’t discriminate between sources of stress. If someone says something that breaks your heart, your body will react as if you have literally suffered injury.

Where the difference in people’s behaviour comes in is not the fact that they experience different states. They may or may not be experiencing different states. Behaviour is different between people because their attention will be focused differently. They will focus on different parts of the experience, and if you read words in a different order than can seem to have very different meaning.

“The cat ran.” That’s a very simple sentence. If you first focus on cat, you will interpret the sentence in the sense of identity. That cat will be seen by you as the running cat. If you focus on the word ran, you will interpret the sentence as a description of an event, and the presence of the cat will be secondary to the idea of running. If you focus on the word the, then you will just see the sentence as a list of objects and might be tempted to extend the list.

Everything we experience is like that sentence. All of the elements are always there, but which one we emphasize will morph our perception quite dramatically which will change our behavior in that situation and change the outcome of our actions. Now do most people take conscious charge of this process? If not is it because they cannot?

The difference in the focus between people causes a lot of arguments. Ah, it can cause arguments yes, and I will venture to say that the most common arguments we have on a daily basis are with ourselves. They don’t realize it because they don’t see that they interfere with themselves. Fight with yourself and you will always lose.

So attention versus attention getting experiences. Those seem to clash don’t they? That you might want to give your attention to one thing, but something else seems to demand it.

Flow brings you to where you need to be. When the flow is well established, otherwise it can be like white water rapids, and chuck you up on the rocks.

Being where you need to be (attention) brings flow? Yes, but let’s look at dissonant events, moments of distress, or maybe just things you have to strain to accomplish.

If you go with the flow of the water, you can steer and control your raft and avoid the rocks. Indeed, and you use your attention to know the waters behaviour, its nature, fully know yourself and your current state of being.

If you try to fight the water, you will get flipped. But people fight their selves very often.

Know your emotions. Emotions are the water you’re riding in? Yes. Emotion and sensation.

Visualizing it helps me achieve it. Yes, visualizing as well.

We are taught to block our emotions. That is so bad a teaching as to be a betrayal. That emotion blocking cripples the soul before they can even express the beginning of an intention.

Psychic or intuitive abilities are discouraged in children as soon as they voice them. This is true.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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