If you are feeling lonely, it’s because you don’t feel present as what you are, or accepted for what you are.

What is Betrayal? in Betrayal


If you can state it simply, what is betrayal, friends?

A deliberate veering from the truth.

Breaking someone’s trust.

Loss of trust.

When someone, or some entity, doesn’t behave according to our preferred expectations of them?

Veering away from an agreed expectation without consideration for the other party.

Acting in such a way as to go against an agreement you have with someone, or doing something that you know in advance will hurt the other individual/group/entity/nation, etc.

Interesting how different those answers are, is it not? Though they do share some common ground with each other. The basis for betrayal is universal.

We, each of us, live our lives with a set of assumptions. It’s not self-delusion, far from it. It’s absolutely necessary for our physical and emotional well-being. These assumptions, as vital as they are, are also fragile. For some, their core assumptions are broad and delicate. For others, their assumptions are narrow and rigidly defined, but literally everyone has them.

We cannot function without assumptions. Our own identity is an assumption. Each of our relationships is an assumption. Even the idea that we are sound of body and mind is an assumption.

Another possible phrase describing these needed assumptions is “magical thinking”, and as doubtful as many mental health professionals hold this style of thinking, it is still very vital to our sanity.

The meaning anything has for you personally is an assumption. So, are any of our assumptions inviolable? Any of them indestructible?

Would you akin these to “agreements” like in The Four Agreements? I would yes, and they have shadow reflections as well. Can any assumption stand invulnerable to life experience? And yet though every assumption can be violated, as they say “life goes on”, yes?

Even physical properties break down in certain circumstances. Indeed. Time and space themselves are subject to breakdown.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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