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Finding your Path


How do I find my path? This is a question most people ask. In Taoism, they say if in anything you encounter resistance, it is not it, but yourself. You encounter resistance because you haven’t found the way of your… Seek More



We heal by knowing why we are where we are, and maybe discovering how that can change. For all our pursuit of light, we still fall into darkness. It is a part of the cycle. The right hand is strong.… Seek More

Native American Beliefs

Native American

Native American religion isn’t actually a unified religion. In a sense, there both were and were not multiple faiths in the United States before the arrival of European culture. Many facets of it have been observed to parallel the now… Seek More

Know Yourself

It’s quite popular to doubt, to distrust people. Supposedly you are being shrewd and intelligent if you trust no one. Anyone know any paranoiacs who are genuinely wise? Fearful geniuses? Anyone changing the world by running away from it or… Seek More

Hating Hate


I find it funny how dual peoples minds are. They think love is opposed to hate, that being friendly is different from being aggressive. It differs in quality from love certainly, but in my experience it’s not that simple. We… Seek More

Now What?


There is an old Native American practice, or rather non practice. They never apologized. Can you guess why? It’s about connecting in the wrong way. To say “I am sorry” is almost self insult. Yes. The way they saw it,… Seek More



These people you dislike, they aren’t your enemies. They have given you the gift of seeing your own definitions. You can accept that special gift from them, and then not hurt yourself over anything else about them. There is attachment,… Seek More

Bottom Line


What is the human bottom line? Does anyone know? Is it the same or different for each person? Same. Is that what comes out in distress when people start to cooperate? Yes. The human bottom line is humans, but actually… Seek More

Exercise Power Together


There will always be people who want to “game” the system no matter what system you have. People who will cheat and manipulate and try to control others. It’s just part of human nature. Yes, and they are unwise. It’s… Seek More

Morph Perception


I find it’s best to keep to myself when I’m angry, and just write my thoughts down on paper, because all that energy wants to be released in some way. I really need a punching bag. Ah, that brings up… Seek More