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Patterns Show Up in Trancework


What color is Tuesday? Tuesday is white, Monday blue. It’s actually irrelevant. I have a lot of associations that are just noise. They are noise even to me in that they form only the fringe of other patterns, but my brain forms patterns in sensation and thoughts and emotions and memories that are maybe atypical. Everything looks like a huge system to me.

It would make your trance more mutable? Yes. I channel surf.

An example of one of those unusual patterns… Ever notice how even if people start out talking about completely unrelated things, their conversations will all take on the same tone and fall into the same broad category? Usually, health to relationships to weather to work.

And they wonder how they all got there. Yes. The cycle is easily predictable. Well, nature follows it too. I will hear a certain pattern in the bird song, as my wife and I go for a walk, that will tell me there is stress in our area. I will walk into an eating establishment and the customer will start arguing with the person behind the counter.

You have tranced with the birds? Well, at the same time as I trance with the birds, I also trance with the wind. I can feel a temperature and pressure shift that changes how the birds behave, and also tells me there will be, say, an outbreak of flu.

So you feel that all at once? I do yes. It’s my “language.”

Like a never ending noisy midway full of lights and people? The noise would be human speech. I talk about only a small fraction of what I perceive.

Are you really Betazoid? It’s not mind reading. It’s just information, patterns.

I have gotten to know a fair bit about you based on what you have shared with us, if I may dare? Yes, you may dare.

Your kitchen is likely ordered but not perfect or spotless. Yes, it is.

Your clothing tends to be things that you feel more personal or sentimental about than the fashion of the season. I’m wearing my father in laws old sweat shirt, my late father in law.

You likely limit how much music you listen to, but you don’t avoid it because it makes you more moody than you are fully comfortable with. You can cry to a sad song more easily than you like. I feel tired if I over do the loud music.

You would rather keep a cheap gift that you felt had some meaning than receive some expensive item that just feels like the person is trying to buy you. I won’t throw out the picture my nieces made for me ever.

You don’t like large social groups, but get really enthusiastic in smaller ones, sometimes to your later discomfort. This all correct? Yes, the last two especially.

These patterns show up for everybody, and you connect with people who have enough of your own pattern in common to allow a “gravitation.”

All we have for understanding our world is metaphors, so why not use them the way we want to?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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