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Where’s the fire? Deep inside, as is the way of the dragon.

Unlock Your Reality in Trancework


Some use narcotics to get their trance. Do they really help or do they do more harm than good? They do more harm than good, and they don’t provide any new energy to your trance, normally.

Like some cultures will breath in some smokey stuff. Ah, entheogens, they are a crutch. I have considered that perhaps some people might benefit from them, but where people get confused is that it isn’t the substance itself that has any value. Getting zonked like that by itself is empty. It just dumps you into the garbage disposal of your own personal trance. You see your inner demons or some twisted fantasy, nothing more than a bad trip.

I’ve seen it on a TV show about Fiji. On the show it was like a village party with everyone breathing in this stuff. The purpose of any trance induction process is to unlock your reality, open the door to a neighbouring reality. Some third world cultures have lost the original intention or spirit behind their old practices. Those substances used carefully are perhaps like a medicine. Used recreationally, they are just a poison.

Like allowing yourself to be stung by hundreds of ants to make you hallucinate. Empty business that. But I have noticed something in my own experience. Some of what I experience because of my “disorder”, other people experience in altered states of consciousness. Things they don’t see or understand when I normally do them, for a short time become apparent and even obvious to them. Does this seem like delusion?

So when they alter their minds they can understand you better? Yes, and I can understand them better, even if they are disconnected from any stable ground.

Perhaps an example of someone who was always the licenscious sort. I told him very clearly what I would do if I discovered he had taken LSD. He took it and I did it. When he did take the LSD, I proceeded to manipulate his reality showing him exactly how much I understood reality and what I could make it do. The only difference between his LSD trip and what people consider actual reality is “orthopedic” for lack of a better term.

Orthopedic? You perceive reality to be stable, because your nervous system has taken on a stable form. It’s not learned, it’s organic.

Taking LSD makes you wear big shoes? Metaphorically speaking yes, but anything can do that, you just have to control your mind and not let it control you. For myself, “nature” made my nervous system not take on a clear form. The neural organization and structure are all wrong. According to medicine, the networks that should have formed formed wrong, and some not at all.

So do you not feel things like hot and cold as we would know it to feel? I do feel hot and cold, but hot feels like any number of other things. Hot feels like music and a conversation I once had.

So you could grab a hot tray and your body wouldn’t respond telling you let go right away? It would respond.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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Your Insights on “Unlock Your Reality”

  1. Donovan

    I was a normal kid whose brain function was = checking meaning with stored knowledge, until I tried drugs, was fun for a time, then after a year or two I finally realized what had grown around me, but I was lost, still ignorant; but when I quit using things got crazy, couldn’t deal with it, now I’m on medication and therapy, but I know that I liked it, that downward spiral, complete self-abandon. It’s freedom to me. While I’m here I’ll tell you a problem I have: I have three ‘personas’, with ruling emotions- hate, sadness, and happiness. One’s good, one’s evil, and one’s neutral, and I’m having a problem.

    • Travis

      You perceive them as separate but they share the same foundation. Perhaps you perceive hate to be evil, but you’ve learned to hate things from personal experience. The same line of reasoning that brought you to believe that your hate has become its own persona, has also give rise to the sadness persona. Different list of objects you’re reacting to – same reason.

      You perceive your happiness to be good. Have you considered that your reasons for happiness were arrived at the same way your reasons for hate and sadness were? It’s natural to attempt to partition our experience to cope with each thing, but ultimately they are still acting on the same core self, and still stem from the same core self. They say to know ones self is the greatest wisdom but they don’t mean the various masks and personae we adopt. What they refer to is the bedrock they all stand on.

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