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Walls don’t always block. They can funnel, intensifying the flow of the river.

Playing Out It’s Song in Trancework


So you have natural trances and social trances. There are also abstract trances and artificial trances.

I was wondering about “past life” trances. Ah, those border between the domain of abstract trance and social trance. They aren’t rigidly separated from each other. But to clarify the abstract trance, there is a range of awareness that is “down to earth”, fills in what we would call the human level, feels reachable. It is on our scale, if you will.

Social trances are perhaps the easiest example of this, but an animal trance is also in the same territory. It isn’t hard to be in the world of a horse, if only for a short time. This is what makes the talent of people like the horse whisperer possible.

But not everyone has them. They don’t have them largely because they are unwilling.

I think animals know who they should be listening to. It can work between any two species. One can even be a house plant whisperer. You just have to move into the trance of being they occupy. Now what I am referring to, as an abstract trance, are those trances that tend to strip our sense of scale.

And it doesn’t work on the plastic kind. Actually, it can work on the plastic kind. My wife is awfully close to a tech whisperer.

Why would I want to whisper to a plastic plant? Mostly, you wouldn’t. They don’t listen much, but you would want a metal whisperer to work on your car. Metal keeps its own trance. It’s easy to fall into. You hear it and feel it whenever your motion is dependent on the behaviour of a metal.

You can even fall into a joint trance. I recall the cruise my wife and I took to Alaska. I could feel the communication between the metal of our ship and the motion of the sea. They negotiated rather tensely most of the time.

This makes me think of singing around a campfire. Indeed, that is a good example. Fire sings with you.

So, as strange as this all sounds I do have an explanation. Anything you perceive is playing out its “song” in your own nervous system. The pattern it generates is not dependant on your attitude. If you just decide to see the fire as flowers and pick it up, the fire won’t behave like flowers. But there is more to see and know that what seems obvious to us in our normal trance. Everything has a holographic depth and dimension, but we can only perceive this when we suspend the facial pattern. You can always detect someone firmly entrenched in the facial pattern. It’s in their face. They look very serious or very concentrated, or very emphatic in whatever emotional state they are in. They wear distress like a theatrical mask.

By facial, you mean on the surface? I do. I sometimes have to talk in double entendres, because I mean it the other way also. The person does face work. Their eyes move too much. They never really look at anything.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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