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Affirmations for a Positive Well-Being by Elias Cortez in Guest Articles

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An affirmation is a thought, a word or a statement in our conscious or sub-conscious mind. It is important for us to realize that these thoughts or affirmations are instrumental in shaping our lives, our destinies. These thoughts or beliefs are based on our everyday experiences from the time we become aware of our surroundings. Some of these can be ‘half-truths’ which are misinterpreted by us due to ignorance or lack of maturity. Therefore, to be able to bring about a positive change in our well-being and to feel ‘in control’ and empowered, it is essential to first bring about a positive change in our attitude and outlook towards life.

Our worst fears and nightmares can be conquered by positive affirmations so that we may enjoy the present and prepare for a bright future. Affirmations denote the changes we wish to see in ourselves, in our quest to feel happy and contented. The desire to feel happy may be limited by the hurdles and challenges of everyday life. By affirming this desire in simple words, either silently or aloud, we can be inspired and motivated and feel healthy in body, mind and spirit. For example, a person recovering from an injury can alleviate his suffering by saying ‘I have healed’ and believing in it. Coupled with the right treatment, it can actually accelerate the recovery process.

Creating Affirmations

One must decide what he or she seeks in life before forming an affirmation. After careful consideration of your goals and objectives, create your affirmations positively, put them within your sight and repeat them a couple of times especially when you are tired, stressed or depressed. You can use these daily affirmations to strengthen and improve relations, both personal and professional, your health, physical, mental and spiritual and also to achieve success in your job. For example, you can say ’I am grateful to God for the gift of life’ or ‘I have the ability to do my job well.’ Eventually, repeating them will become second nature to you and you will be surrounded by an aura of positive energy.

Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking or optimism is a very strong tool in fostering positive well-being. Optimists can look at the most dismal scenario with a positive frame of mind and then turn it around with sheer determination and will power. Optimism will help to eliminate all negativities from your mind, reinforce confidence and self-belief and channelize your energies towards a purpose.

Self-composed affirmations are very effective as they are unique. An affirmation when repeated without faith is like a body without a soul. Repeated with unwavering faith in their power, they can have a profound impact on your life because a wish or a desire becomes a reality only if you believe in it. With regular practice and sufficient time, positive affirmations can make a sea change in how you perceive yourself and the others around you. In today’s high stress world, if you want to maintain a state of well-being, without alienating yourself from reality, then you can use affirmations to give you direction and the strength to face any challenging situation.

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