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The best searching will be done alone even in a marketplace of teachers, because they can’t sell you your own soul. When you see your own path clearly, then you see life differently.

Aura as Perceptual Filter in Mood


You may have noticed it seems hard to see your own aura. You might think it is hard to feel your own aura as well. A large part of this can be attributed to the tendency of the mystical set to cloud experience with mumbo-jumbo, make the real and useful seem extra mystical. To my point of view, the world is mystical enough as it is. It doesn’t need the salesmanship.

You feel your aura all the time. It’s the only way you feel your mood, and you see your aura as well. It shows up visually as your perceptual filter, like the tendency to see three dimensions in a two dimensional drawing, or see faces in the clouds.

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If you could black out everything and just see people’s aura what would you see? You would get a blinding light experienced only in the back of your mind. This is the region known as the occipital lobes, or that is where it corresponds to in the brain.

Would it take the shape of the being? I often see what looks like a head and shoulders but not any other details. It would take the form of the being, which if I had to describe visually would be a hyper geometry, an amalgam of shapes that stem from their inner state of being, sort of a fractal mandala of multi-sensory impressions.

Is this why the world of matter is a useful filter? It helps us appreciate it all like a photograph can frame an image to give it meaning. Yes. When we lose the filter of this stage of existence, it’s like taking that mandala and blowing it up like a balloon. It forms a sphere around your center of consciousness rather than a reduced window, and your mood goes with you.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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