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Mood is Part of a Psychic Signature in Mood


What is mood?

Your present state of mind.

A lingering attitude.

An emotional state.

It is all these things and more. How many of you are familiar with auras? Even science is now beginning to recognize the ability of one body/mind to affect another in other than an overt material or conscious way. A communication of affect that affects anyone even if you don’t speak to them, or they don’t do anything to you.

Is aura like your own personal mood ring? It is a manifestation of it, yes, even to the point that others may sense you are uneasy or unwell before you personally become aware of it.

I’ve seen them look kind of like a spectrum and colours gets stronger depending on your mood. Colors get stronger with energy level. The spectrum shift corresponds to degree of tension, and both axis have many shades or degrees of intensity.

Your mood is not only a manifestation of an emotional reaction. Emotions are actually rather limited in scope and duration. This is why you can be incensed at one person and talk with some compassion and concern to a different person, often in rapid sequence. These emotional reactions are possible at any time and at any moment, potentially.

Mood is a quality of your personal energy, where emotion is an elemental, or if you prefer elementary part of human consciousness. Regardless of your psychological constitution, you can experience any emotion, but mood tends to gravitate to your psychic center of gravity. It composes part of a psychic signature that differs from person to person, perhaps much like finger prints.

Now to elaborate on how mood can be personalized, ever notice that some people, though they tend to be in a depressed mood pretty steadily, have it show forth as a sort of moody but easy going acceptance? And yet other people who display a depressive temperament have it show up as a vaguely cranky dissatisfaction with anything they are experiencing in the moment? The same goes for what people call positive moods. You can have people who are bright eyed and bushy tailed in an aggressive and obnoxious way, almost like they are willing to pick a fight if you disagree that it’s a nice day.

My point is there is no clear line between healthy mood and unhealthy mood. Healthy mood is just whatever mood that you naturally fall into experienced in a balanced way. Some say depression is bad, but most people who are philosophically inclined tend to be a bit retiring, mildly withdrawn. It’s what gives them the space to be so contemplative.

I think it’s unhealthy to deny you are in a certain mood just to make others feel comfortable. You should be able to be honest. I agree.

I try to warn my friends if I’m grumpy, so they will know it’s not them. Actually, I have met some people whose basic mood was aggressive/grouchy. They were some of the most honorable, principled and compassionate people I have ever met.

But people can’t see past the exterior. Often, they can’t. Our society doesn’t really teach that sort of perceptiveness.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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