We keep getting the same stuff because we keep thinking the same stuff. Each new cell bears the same convictions. Each magnetic impulse carries the same messages.

System of Connection and Orientation in Mood


Your mood is not just an expression of your internal state. It’s also a system of connection and orientation in your environment.

The relatively new science of neuro-sociology is discovering many amazing things, and some very useful conclusions can be drawn from what they are learning. You can trace your “location” in any social network by examining your pattern of mood change. If you have a set of connections with emotionally disturbed persons, you will inevitably experience a degradation of your own state, no matter your degree of mental discipline.

It wears on you. Yes, but positive influences work the same way. As uncomfortable as you may feel around someone who is calm and rational while you feel out of control, unless you cut that contact, it will calm you.

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Which person has the upper hand in the contact? Which way does it go? It depends on the energy level behind each mood. Tired but calm will be upset by energetic and frightened. It’s much like watching elemental forces of the weather change, at least in my point of view.

Stormy front of grouchiness meets a high pressure zone of giddy. That’s actually an interesting scenario.

So we have a base mood at our center and that base mood can fluctuate due to internal and external energies? Exactly, and the core mood can change over time, but that manifests as an entire world view shift to the individual. A life changing epiphany, though often only realized after some time spent in that new state.

Can we change our base mood? Yes, we can.

So the interesting note is, when two different moods meet that are of an equal energy level, the more pleasurable mood will win out. Our brains will override any other consideration if the emotional signal is of adequate strength and clarity.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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