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Marks on Mood in Mood


What’s of clinical depression and other mood disorders? That perhaps leads into my next point about mood. Mood is not just an abstraction of mental states or pattern of attention. Matter has qualities that link it to the pattern that our brain translates as mood. Various nutrients, we might ingest, come inherent with a material structure that will affect our mood state. Environmental exposure to various physical elements will also leave a mark on mood.

Serotonin and other brain chemistry? Yes, even oxygen level in the blood.

Which is why casinos have extra oxygen. Extra oxygen improves mood to the level of mild euphoria, even.

Perhaps that contributes to the good feeling you have after working out. Indeed, it does.

Like the idea that eating the wrong thing will give you bad dreams. Pizza always gives me nightmares if I eat it too close to bedtime. Eating the wrong thing will give you metabolic distress, which the autonomic portions of the brain will try to identify as threat so a defense can be arrived at.

Pizza is a bit crazy. A lot of our food can be considered crazy. Anything heavily processed is fundamentally deranged.

I offer you what some might consider a wild idea. You perceive weather and nature to have moods not because of some accident of evolution that deludes you into seeing agency where there is none, but because the patterns that show up in our nature preceded our nature as presences in the environment.

In the Chinese model, laid out collectively as the principles of wuxing (pronounced woo-shing), every mood, as well as every other living state, is just a state of chi, the universal life energy, and all matter includes chi in its composition.

Some might say that of a tornado that caused death and destruction like it was some kind of punishment. To my view, it’s no more of a punishment than a cat biting you would be. Reward and punishment is largely a human scheme of thought.

It sounds like a good detox would help us regain our balanced base mood? Yes, indeed, as well as taking a walk. Walking realigns both your internal processes, and your sense of connection to the world around you.

Reward and punishment is why I left Christianity for Taoism. Xenophobia is why I left Christianity. The reward and punishment model was too empty to even get my attention, but relating to other people on their level has always been a bit challenging for me.

My belief in hell and heaven has changed a lot. I don’t think there is such a thing as sin, but I believe in blessings. I think there is such a thing as sin. In the original Greek sense, sin is their term for error. I do see error, but not corruption, and nothing is left unchangeable.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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