'Wuxing' Chapter

Tai Chi

Wuxing is connected to ancient Chinese physics more than their religion. It is a set of disciplines that are focused on the behaviour and manifestation of the force they call chi. Chi is the force of first cause. In wuxing, they identify different patterns in energy and matter. Solids are the earth category. Liquids are the water category. Plasma is the fire category. The other two being wood and metal. They adapt the five categories into a whole system of natural philosophy. It’s what wuxing is.

Duality always resolves according to the balance of chi between the two apparent opposites. Human chi is a composite of many different patterns of chi. Literally all five categories or you could not live. But they do balance differently in different people, and people have individual needs for a specific pattern of chi.

“Wu Xing” is actually the short form of “Wu zhong liu xing zhi chi” or “the five types of chi dominating at different times”. Water dominates in winter, wood in spring, fire in summer, metal in autumn. At the intersection between two seasons, the transitional period is dominated by earth. It is customary in Chinese writing to summarize a longer phrase into a couple of characters. Sometimes the meaning is completely lost in the abbreviated form if the original phrase is not referred to. Wu Xing is one such example.” Master Joseph Yu

Force Of First Cause

Magick is the esoteric component of any activity. There have been magickal practices involved in fishing, hunting, building, you name it. If it’s old enough, it has a magick connected to it, and there are even some new magics. Today,… Seek More

Patterns Of Chi

Today, science is recognizing many of the patterns older disciplines based their lore on, if with severe qualifications. But the Chinese yearly zodiac also corresponds to a cycle of the five categories of earth, fire, water, wood, metal. It’s not… Seek More

Wuxing Cycle Of Creation

Shall we choose a specific focus and give the wuxing take on it? Suggestions? Art? Perhaps states of mind, which relates to art and problem solving as well. You cannot think in only one category. You will naturally think in… Seek More

Wizard Friendly

Everyone familiar with Myers Briggs? The five wuxing categories (earth, fire, water, wood, metal) actually exist in Meyers Briggs even though they only use four terms. The recombination of these four terms into distinct sets is the category of wood. This… Seek More

Fight Before Fighting

In martial arts, some claim to be able to disrupt your chi and make you weak. They can, because they fight you before actually fighting you. They have developed an awareness of their own chi advanced enough that they can… Seek More

Everything Has Chi

Shall we discuss chi? Chi is universal subtle energy. It is said to precede all other forms of energy, to give rise to the behavior of these others forms, as well as govern how they interact with each other. It… Seek More

Flows of Chi

Chi is said to flow in two ways. It can be receptive and reinforcing, or it can be disruptive and “cutting.” Martial arts use the cutting kind? It uses either kind, and martial arts styles are often defined by whether… Seek More

Chi Cultivation

In chi cultivation you consider two things, primarily. How you are holding your chi and where you are gathering it from. Poor quality chi is seen as more or less poisonous and will deplete your strength. High quality chi, like… Seek More

Poise in the Flow

It is said in Taoism that the thing that goes against the Tao cannot endure. The Tao is the natural harmony or balance of the world. People usually become angry because they have set themselves in opposition to the balance… Seek More

Interplay of All Energies

Is it mostly the case that each person falls more either to yin or to yang, or is there presence of both within every person? Both are present in every person, but you do balance one way or another. Is… Seek More