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Mood Jumping in Mood


Why do some people get stuck in moods for days at a time? Because they are stuck in behaviors for that length of time. It’s been said that hell is repetition. Like Sisyphus pushing his boulder up the hill only to have it roll back down, people try to force the world to work in ways it does not. Keep straining the muscle, keep feeling strain. Meditation can clear that up nicely, though.

For me, repetition is hell. Also, all giving out and no getting back. As I see it, you always give back when you give out. I don’t mean you are always rewarded. People tend to give out as an effort to fix a mood, but moods can never be fixed by any form of sacrifice, not directly anyway.

It can be negative energy coming back, but it’s still something. Throw food in a fire and it burns. Eat food and you benefit from it, but something happens no matter what.

And people try to jump to a new mood instead of starting where they are, so it doesn’t last. Like trying to jump out of water, you might actually gain some elevation, but unless water is your natural element, you won’t clear it. If water is your natural element, you will want to be back in it even if you clear it, so mood jumping is unwise either way you go.

What makes one be tempted to jump? Prejudice, usually adopted from societal pressure.

That is what a bipolar is doing, jumping? Bipolar mood disorder is becoming addicted to the swings of human emotional range.

When I was younger, I never understood people who told you to be happy all the time. It made no sense to me. We are often much wiser as children, in some ways at least.

Is bipolar more common in women or does that not make any difference. It’s not confined to women.

Are all mood disorders in a sense an addiction to that state? Yes. A developed dependency, and a loss of sensitivity to anything not linked to that state.

I find my emotions swing more during certain times and I wonder if men feel this as well. Oh, men feel emotional swings, mostly growing and receding aggression, but there can be other moods as well. The aggression is likely an extension of other moods.

I find my mood is highly affected by my environment. They are indeed.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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