Not two souls but many souls are bound on the spirit, and they commune when in spirit. We are infinite beings and are not defined or definable by a single bond.

Our Expectations in Expectation


Everyone expecting the class? First off, I will start with why I asked that question. Do any of you have no expectations at all?

  • I have at least one.
  • I find it hard not to expect.
  • My duality brings some, but I try not to acknowledge them.
  • I always have at least some, even though I try not to invest too much in them emotionally. Ah, that’s good.

I have heard a lot of negativity regarding expectations. The mind is inherently inclined to prediction and to operate with the idea that you should have no expectations is sort of… Well, let’s just say it’s non functional. There is something wrong with expectation as we know it in the general sense, but people often don’t reflect on expectation as a process or the impact trying to stop it will have on their mind and basic functioning. Expectation is like breathing. It’s part and parcel of our being. We have the ability to eat and the instinctive expectation that we will be able to, likewise with self defence, mating, etc.

The problem is not with having expectations. The world wasn’t malformed in its origin. It’s our minds as we use them now that twist it around. The real issue is the difference between the minds natural behaviour that leads us to expectation, and what I will call blind expectation. Normal people develop expectations before experience from internal personal prejudice/ego. Naturally this doesn’t work really well. It is of limited use, if it has any at all.

It’s that “should” thing in our head on auto-pilot instead of seeing things as they are. Hitting our head on a brick wall. Yes. The world itself cares very little for your prejudices. Notice I say cares very little. It actually does care some, because your prejudices will affect your behaviour and that will affect it, if only to make it correct you. A wake up call.

We see things as we feel on the day. Mind was built to protect our fears etc., and if mind was merely the keeper of memory as it started out, it would function fine and there would not be these issues we have.

The opposite of blind expectation is the process of awareness that arises from experience. You can get a sense for how things relate to each other, and how you relate to everything else. The process in our mind that tells us that if it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it is most likely a duck. This process of expectation is often called intuition, but it’s basically the same thing.

It’s the gift we have of being able to be aware of events as parts of a larger system. In fact, as you become open to the world around you at large, you can begin to see connections. The world begins to seem like one great big web of potential energy waiting to express itself. Have any of you noticed this?

Synchronicity? Is perfect and beautiful. Yes, but even more concrete in a sense. Just so that we can bring it down to earth, one decision is made by a leader. This decision affects the world views of his or her followers, which affects their actions toward each other and those not in their group. Where is there any boundary really?

Unless you are the lead dog. You’re only going to see ass. Actually, if you are the lead dog you see the worlds ass. If the decision is on you, you have to be able to see what if anything there is to gain and what can be lost to not only you, but your followers as well.

So true. It‘s why not many like to be the leader. It’s a heavy responsibility and it can and has wound up with said leader being dead. Killed by a “follower.” So where is the boundary of power even?

Even as in balanced? No, as in by comparison. The balance of power is always reflective of the great spirit of the people and the world itself. If the people are fearful, the leader has to be vicious. No separation. The leader doesn’t get to choose.

The saying comes to mind. “To be a great leader find out where the people are going and get in front.” Yes. I am speaking of power as the potential ability to do work, any work, and work in the world does not require ego, just awareness.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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