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Thoughts come from people, people don’t come from thoughts.

Flow Links Us in Flow


Our flow links us. When we are in flow, the events that arise from behaviour that stems from flow are more coherent, more readily recognized by others around us if only on an instinctive level, and they create both a sense of security and vibrant life. Those little elements of our own nature, taken as individual things, link us to other people, make us seem real, and can even give rise to a sense of kinship because any of our traits, any special aptitude or strength of character, arise from a common source. It could be said that there is a spiritual parent to each of the faces our soul displays. We ascribe these qualities to our gods for a reason. They are higher powers.

So artistic talent, and tinkering ingenuity, and skills in other areas, are elemental forces of nature? Yes, and we have every right to claim them as ours when they occur in our make-up.

We really do tap into that energy and let it through? Yes, but we all have a bit of a problem, the thinking. It’s not that we should not think. As anyone who has been a regular at my classes knows, I will not tell you you should not think or that you will find enlightenment from an empty mind. But the way we think currently, the mass media that is popular culture and popular thought, does this aid the manifestation of the reality that supports our well-being? Does it inspire genuine self-expression or genuine inquiry?

No. It feeds the machine. How is that? The machine of business as we know it. We’re cogs playing a role. It compels you to buy things and to worship materialism and shallowness. I expect it’s possible to change that, but it would look very different. It would be very dynamic and achieve more. We could have a living system, a fully conscious system. Our ancestors had the rudiments of it, bits and pieces as their circumstances and experience allowed. But with the coming of the much vaunted age of reason, and the subsequent industrial age, we lost much, and I would argue gained only a very efficient system for managing physical resources, which includes human beings.

Now I am not saying the changes that lead to the modern era were all bad. Technology has a great deal of potential to free our minds and also help safeguard life on our planet.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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