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Asteroth Corruption in Asteroth


In human conscious- ness there has been some serious ambiguity. Humanity has been maturing very slowly as seen from a human point of view. One of the inner conflicts is the issue of who is actually the bearer of the gift of life. In older pagan cultures, females were widely regarded as the source of all life. Life emerging from the mysterious recesses of the female body, but in later cultures this was reversed. Males and their “seed” were judged to be the font of life.

Then came Adam and Eve? Adam came first right? Eve from Adams rib. That is debatable, but it is what they say. It’s an unclear issue of course. That particular argument is one science itself seems to refute.

Asteroth is a male demon, and generally one of the less passionate demons. More cerebral in his overall temperament, his presence and influence are never the less typically seen as threatening and toxic, and his advice as corrupting. Care to guess what he advises people to do? What he teaches?

Sex? Lie? No. Crafts and the humanities, invention. It’s thought that if one is inspired by Asteroth, they will not place adequate faith in divine authority.

So the Arts graduates are destroying the world after all? If what they say about Asteroth is true, and well, commercial use of artistic skill does seem to have a socially corrosive impact. How uplifting is the Coke insignia really?

How is it socially corrosive? People overlook the art and their own reaction to these ideas. They have been conditioned to take those icons as commands, rather than as inspirational symbols or concepts.

So a movie promoting the value of giving is socially corrosive? No. I didn’t say all art is corrosive, though sometimes those movies sort of skew the concept of giving and make it seem absurd. I meant only to reference a narrower set of uses.

Art is simply a tool. How it is used can be beneficial or harmful. I will whole heartedly agree with you.

Another of Asteroth’s possible modes of corruption is that he is very honest, very detail oriented. It was thought that if you had things explained to you from too many points of view, you wouldn’t place adequate faith in “the word of the lord.”

Belphagor, another demon, specialized in labor saving tools and processes. He was thought to inspire sloth, apathy.

What do you think it would be like to follow Asteroth as a theurgic guide?

Sounds like someone I might want to get to know better.

He has me picturing a Terminator type figure.

I’m reminded of the scientist mentality, invention and detail and not believing in god. That synchs with Asteroth pretty well, and he is not the only demon linked to the sciences. They each have different specialties of course with some overlap. You would probably try to work with the personality that suited you best.

So modern society is controlled by these demons. Perhaps so, not necessarily to our betterment.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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