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Nothing in your head is formless. Nothing in your head is without “words”. Is why in psycho-analysis they use word association, but it can be sounds or even body language. Just has to be language.

Using Asteroth as Patron in Asteroth


Any questions about using Asteroth as a patron in theurgy?

Ah yes, did you get to that? I did, but only in part. I described the connection, but this is how you use it.

You know your inner dialogue? You won’t actually start hearing voices, and that isn’t necessary. Asteroth is related to you as well as being related to the gods. He’s in your genetics, already one of your inner demons.

So if you focus your mind on his personality, he will respond to your feelings and surface in your train of thought. He doesn’t need to dominate it. In fact, doesn’t want to. Why people become possessed is they have a drive to submit themselves to their inner demons, give up all their will to the passions which have a consciousness that runs well beyond the individual, runs in the species memory.

So the phrase “What would [insert name of being here] do?” is a basic step in theurgic practice of any kind? It is indeed. That’s it exactly. Ask yourself that question, and know where to listen, and then open yourself to the inner conversation. And remember his behaviour is twisted, which most choose to define as evil, deceptive, but really it’s the deceivers that have the hardest time concealing the truth. Because to lie you must always have a truth as an object, and sometime the truth presented at face value is seen only superficially. Lies have to underscore it. Lies can be seen as the truth viewed under a black-light.

Like someone saying they are joking when they really aren’t. Indeed.

If anything, in a way, demons are more honest than the gods. The gods consciousness exists of broad generalities. Demons on the other hand take that full body mirror and break it down, show it to you piece by piece, and it becomes readily apparent that it is a mirror. It keeps you from being blinded by reflected light. This answer the question about how to use Asteroth in theurgy?

A simple rule of thumb for understanding demons, most of course would be minor demons, requires a mental exercise. Take an intention, any intention, now give it a personality, put a face on it. What would that look like?

A personality like going to bed would be sloth and inviting warmth? Ah, I will use that. That being would be sleepy eyed, hiding behind something, show poor personal composure, bad grooming, likely be fat, perhaps pig or dog like, and sitting in the middle of a mess of clothes and other household items. What would you call this creature? Does it sound like a demon?

One more intention. Anyone care to volunteer a different intention?

Getting work done on a project. This being would be very grim faced, even frowning maybe, brow grimaced, likely holding and even swinging a hammer, likely has fangs and is either gritting its teeth or even biting something, hooves like a horse, huffing constantly. This describe your intention well? What would that look like as an image?

Cross between a dwarf and a satyr. Demonic? Yea.

Last bit of trivia than I really must be off. In Chinese mythology, the two guardians at the gate to the hells are literally known as horse face and ox head, no other names, and that is what they literally look like.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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