You can learn from good things. It requires a different skill set maybe. Today’s culture doesn’t teach us. It teaches us to solve problems. To look for issues and “fix” that.

Metaphysical Origin of Life in Elementals


Today, we are talking about elementals. Up for it? It goes back to a metaphysical origin of life.

You know how science describes life and consciousness as if it just somehow emerged onto the scene for no real reason? Well, in metaphysical lore there was never a time in the universe without consciousness. Humans and animals are just one of the most recent forms of incarnation, so to speak, and older beings incarnated with earlier states of matter. In order for flesh and blood forms to exist according to metaphysical thinking, you needed the commingling of all the elements, but the basic principles of life gave rise to life well before they took the form they do in organic life as we know it. Gaia herself is an elemental, as are the stars, and deep space gas clouds.

Now not every sample of matter is an elemental. There is plenty of uninhabited matter same as there is plenty of unliving organic matter on our planet. Elementals are present as patterns of persistent order in the elements themselves. Long story short, the elementals were the first samples of the observer effect in our material universe, and their presence and consciousness had and continues to have a strong hand in influencing the shape of the universe as we know it.

In general, it would be said that in today’s world people no longer believe in elementals, but these people are also those who have very little contact with strong concentrations of the elements. Many fire fighters speak of fire as if it were a living thing as do sailors when they speak of the sea and sky. Some would say this is just the result of human beings tendency to anthropomorphize everything, but if this is true, are we not also anthropomorphizing ourselves? There is no scientific evidence to back up this concept of human beings, especially none to prove that such organism has intelligence. What do you think? We know there are some complicated organisms crawling about on the earths surface.

Isn’t the definition of anthropomorphism to be similar to humans? Indeed, but are humans similar to humans? To the idea that humans have of themselves? What humans are and what they think they are? I am not so certain these are the same thing. Communication. What is knowledge or awareness without communication?

Are we elementals? We are related to elementals certainly, yes. They are ancestors to the newer forms of life and even imparted their own characteristics to the new life forms. If you think about it, what in biochemistry would necessitate or even suggest that an organism would come to have wings and move through the air? Was it even practically necessary really?

We’ve just defined women as people in the last hundred years or so, but now we’ve got dolphins in the club, so maybe the process of inclusion will speed up going forward. We would be better off if it did.

I have often wondered how many mutations came about purely from trial and error. It doesn’t make sense that animals would sprout wings and start to fly. I understand the utility of the end result, but all those millions of years until they can actually fly, how did the wings know what they were going to become. It’s almost as if they had a goal to reach. On the subject of mutation, there have been recent discoveries that are putting holes in the idea that mutation alone is responsible for all or even much of the world morphological diversity. Even intelligence is eluding the effort to tie it down to something as simple as a collection of genetic traits, and what is more distinguishing of human nature than our oh, so vaunted intelligence?

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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