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Factors Necessary for DNA in Elementals


We often describe people like the elements, i.e. fiery etc. So perhaps we are also doing a form of elemental-morphism? Yes. Even from a more materialistic point of view our likings or affinities seem to have almost no basis in anything that mainstream thinkers would consider a rational fact. Would it be fair to say that some people are water people and other people are not? Some are enamoured of flight and some abhor the notion entirely. Some people are fascinated with fire and others fear it.

True, I think I am earthy and also fiery. I think water is my nemesis. You know an airy person by their tendency to talk a lot. That and their attentions tend to wander freely as much as their feet do. They tend to be quite fond of travelling.

Then I’m airy too. Ultimately, any organic being includes all of the elements, but you may have a stronger sympathy for one or two over the others. But another example, some people have a high heat tolerance, prefer bright sunny hot days. Other people would prefer it to be overcast and dark. Some people are quite comfortable in tunnel systems, like subways and other such facilities. Other people want out of those just about as quickly as they enter them.

So we’re describing our ancestry with those traits? Another form of genetic diversity? Indeed, the factors that were necessary for DNA to form, let alone proliferate and differentiate into the organisms we now know, were set up by the dispositions of the elements that came before us. Even mainstream science is left scratching it’s head at how fine tuned the conditions were, but is it so much of a mystery if you allow for the emergence of life in earlier stages of matter formation?

The materials in your body are no different than they would be found in the earth or sea. So why are they alive now in you, but were somehow not alive before then? Even the air, the gases in your body. If your blood stream and tissues were completely devoid of gases, you would be very dead.

It’s a miracle to give birth to methane. Methane is Chronos and gives old age and eventual death to you. Right now it’s science’s best clock for assessing the age of any living thing. What do you think of that?

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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