'Elementals' Chapter


In metaphysical lore there was never a time in the universe without consciousness. Humans and animals are just one of the most recent forms of incarnation, and older beings incarnated with earlier states of matter. In order for flesh and blood forms to exist according to metaphysical thinking, you needed the commingling of all the elements.

Elementals are present as patterns of persistent order in the elements themselves. The elementals were the first samples of the observer effect in our material universe, and their presence and consciousness had and continues to have a strong hand in influencing the shape of the universe as we know it.

“All such action would cease if those powerful elemental forces were to cease stirring within us.” Albert Einstein

Metaphysical Origin of Life

Today, we are talking about elementals. Up for it? It goes back to a metaphysical origin of life. You know how science describes life and consciousness as if it just somehow emerged onto the scene for no real reason? Well, in… Seek More

Factors Necessary for DNA

We often describe people like the elements, i.e. fiery etc. So perhaps we are also doing a form of elemental-morphism? Yes. Even from a more materialistic point of view our likings or affinities seem to have almost no basis in… Seek More

Elemental Species

What do elementals look like if we were to see one and how do they spend their time? What does an elemental look like… They often look a bit like organisms, and arguably we acquired the ability to look like… Seek More

Nuvo Elementals

Should we focus on a specific domain of elemental life? Are there hundreds of elemental species? Oh, more than hundreds. More species than are present on earth itself. Methane elementals, even some nuvo elementals. Nuvo? One example of a nuvo elemental,… Seek More


Elementals, when necessary, also interact. They form groups very often called a chorus. It takes a chorus to stage something like a tornado, or a wild fire, or a volcanic eruption. They can even hear the voices of fire and… Seek More

Domain of the Elementals

Perhaps another track of explanation. Shall we throw a bit of physics at this? Let’s go with the still predominant big bang. The singularity, before the moment of its explosive expansion, would have existed in a state of no time.… Seek More

Variety of Species Throughout the Multiverse

Since this is going to become a series, is there a specific elemental kingdom you would like for our next elemental class? It looks like the elementals covered in some depth are; Therians, Fey, Goetic Beings, Angels (logos elementals)? Some… Seek More