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Challenges are simply challenges and choices are simply choices. They cannot possibly be good or bad. Whether they are good or bad depends on how we view it afterwards.

Domain of the Elementals in Elementals


Perhaps another track of explanation. Shall we throw a bit of physics at this?

Let’s go with the still predominant big bang. The singularity, before the moment of its explosive expansion, would have existed in a state of no time. No space equals no time. Infinite mass also equals infinite gravity. Well, at the moment of the expansion you would have had a vast gravity wave washing out from the singularity and any wave creates it’s own interference of back action.

Now the initial gravity wave has bands to it. The strongest band being closest to the singularities initial event horizon and more moderate bands being further out as the wave expands. The domain of the elementals would be one of the earlier bands. Gravity and time behaves differently for them as they do not interact with space in the same way we do either, and their state is ongoing just as ours is. We tend neither to gain mass or lose it to any great degree.

Elementals are extremely massive beings. Even the cute little sparks of fire that we see them as in our state, and well, for information to cross between our gravity band and theirs takes a great deal of so called time from our point of view. For them it’s news that we have evolved sentience at all. “Wait a minute! You mean those hairless monkeys are close to stripping the planet of life?” That’s breaking news for them.

So does that explain the gravity barrier? It’s sort of like the sound barrier but effecting all time and space.

So where were we? What about elementals should we focus on? They do engineer the energy we refer to as probability. For us the complex chance of rain is the equivalent of an iPhone for them.

And just as glitchy apparently. Yes. They don’t understand the bug we call acid rain. They never introduced that. They are working on debugging it though.

We do have an elemental embassy among the organics though. That embassy would be plant life. Plants are very sensitive to light and gravity. They listen quite closely to elemental exchanges and have had to explain their relationship to other organisms to the elementals who at first thought the plants were just imagining things.

The plants talked the air elementals into behaving more moderately. They talked the earth into being more receptive to chemical change. There are elements in the earth’s soil that were created by the plants primarily. They don’t occur without organic/living activity.

So I am having some trouble focusing here. Any questions or areas of focus? Air elementals are huge busy bodies. Like cats, they stick their nose into everything.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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