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Variety of Species Throughout the Multiverse in Elementals


Since this is going to become a series, is there a specific elemental kingdom you would like for our next elemental class?

It looks like the elementals covered in some depth are; Therians, Fey, Goetic Beings, Angels (logos elementals)? Some of those would not classify as elementals, but you correctly identify angels. Therians, Fey and Goetic Beings are not elementals. Thought Forms are elementals though. Some of those are present in the goetic domain, but everything is in a sense an elemental, even us. You are where you come from, is this not so? As weird as my genetics are, I am human.

At the highest level what are the types/categories along side elementals? The ‘Principles’ would be the highest beings, if hierarchy is appropriate. Beneath the Principles you would have the ‘Ideals.’ Beneath the Ideals you would have the ‘Elementals.’ Alongside the Elementals you would have the ‘Animi.’ Therians are animi. Fey are emergent animi.

I’m guessing this parallels the classes done on dimensional creatures? Yes. Beneath the Animi you would have the ‘Shadows’, and beneath the Shadows you would have us. Beneath us you would have ‘Thought Forms’, and beneath them you would have ‘The Lost.’ These don’t form exclusive bands though. There is a lot of bridging. Humans are sort of a fluke in that way, or perhaps it’s more fair to say they are a budding example of a more complex form of life. That hierarchy is structured according to a chain of dependency.

Are vroloks also Animi? Therian cousins? Vroloks are ‘Alien.’ So that would be another field but doesn’t fit into the hierarchy. When they manifest here they do so in shadow. Oh, by alien I mean foreign, not extraterrestrial.

And people think indexing earth species is complicated. There are beings who make their whole career just simply observing the variety of species throughout the multiverse. Whole cultures have dedicated themselves to it. They share the information between species for the enrichment of all involved.

And the term spirit encompasses all species? No. Spirits are symbiotic to the region they inhabit. Natives are parasitic, but there are fewer native parasites than foreign ones. So an Elemental is a spirit, and you are, and an Animi is, but a Vrolok is one for descriptive purposes only. Some things we are stuck understanding only in that way, the closest best approximation. A thought form isn’t a spirit, but it is a form of life.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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