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Seat Of Species Memory in Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra

The root charka doesn’t learn. It just is. It’s the root of the natural, formative order of your being. The second chakra actually learns. It’s your very first center of learning, and it becomes aware in utero. This is why our parents psyches are so seemingly ingrained in our consciousness. It’s not explained by your genetics, and it’s not explainable if you believe that your brain is the only seat of consciousness.

That’s scary. Indeed, it is scary. Your memory goes back much further than you have allowed yourself to be aware of, and the seat of species memory is the second chakra.

I wonder why many of us get scared when we “turn into” our parents? We get scared when we turn into our parents, because we recognize the crisis energy that is making the second chakra dominant. Instinctively, we know that our advancement and experience has mostly gone out the window, and our free will, as we normally know it, has been compromised. But this doesn’t actually have to happen. As I was explaining earlier, the second chakra is the seat of the species subconscious.

Back when they said to us, “Just wait. One day you’ll have a daughter just like you, and you’ll do the same thing I did” and you say no way. They were right, but shallow and unhelpful in their statement. It isn’t just your parents in the second chakra. It’s your grandparents, your entire bloodline, and even ancestor species awareness.

What about people you idolise? Super heroes and teachers, etc. That is also located in the second chakra. This level of awareness is the seat of myth and “primitive” spirituality without religion.

It would be better parenting if they instead encouraged us to find another way? Actually, not better parenting. The only way second chakra awareness can be parented is by modeled behaviour. The second chakra cannot be reasoned with or educated in the conventional sense. It is educated in ritual, dance, or habit practice. It’s the level of our minds that watches peoples faces, but cannot hear their words beyond the Charlie Brown level. It just picks up tone of voice.

I’m imagining a new video game for chakra training. It could be done, actually. Let’s hope someone figures it out.

But a lot of mysticism can be explained from the second charka level that doesn’t make sense to our conventional thinking. Shamans have a practice of sudden calls and shouts, odd seemingly formless vocalizations. They aren’t actually meaningless, and they do provoke a response, and thus understanding, on the level they are supposed to, the level of the second chakra. This is why having a good cry or yell can help as well. The second chakra has to express itself.

As a child, I used to make up rituals and spin around under the moon. Was that tuning into the second chakra? Indeed, it was. It was quite healthy and an important part of your growth in self awareness. It isn’t actually supposed to stop. So why does it?

It’s not logical. We’re told it‘s silly. All awareness is silly. Literally none of it is actually fact, nor does it hold up to any standard of data quality. It cannot. The only awareness we can have is the one we do have, but we break it up and try to take it in pieces. If I showed you a bolt I got off of a car without telling you it was from a car, could you tell?

I know someone who has to have everything make left brain sense, and he had bad ulcers at one time. Getting tired cured his ulcers, but that’s a third chakra mystery.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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