'Sacral Chakra' Chapter

Sacral Chakra

At the second chakra, you begin to be aware of the big picture. One of the most common breaks in the charka system is between the first and second. Long explanation made short, trust your gut.

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Big Picture Awareness

Today, we are discussing the sacral or second chakra. Whereas the first is everything primitive and impulsive and alive, the second is the level at which our more complicated perceptions are formed. The enteric nerve plexus (that centers more or… Seek More

The First Bullshit Detector

Perhaps an interesting related point on spiritual and psychic health. The left hemisphere of the brain cannot tell the difference between facts and convincing ideas. If an idea is logically cognisant, the left brain automatically believes it. This is why… Seek More

Seat Of Species Memory

The root charka doesn’t learn. It just is. It’s the root of the natural, formative order of your being. The second chakra actually learns. It’s your very first center of learning, and it becomes aware in utero. This is why… Seek More

Trusting Your Gut

Not only do we try to understand our consciousness out of context, but we actually insist on trying to see it backward and inside out. Does your mind make sense to you, friends? It often appears to be crazy. The… Seek More

Action Awareness

On the level of your gut, you have the primal memory of every sensory experience you have ever had, without embellishment so without delusion. This is why the second chakra can’t be lied to. It doesn’t track ideas about what… Seek More

Smart Enough To Be Stupid

Regarding second chakra issues, if anyone is impatient it’s women. They often get so caught up in how they feel about his behaviour, they don’t realize he is patiently and continuously trying to do right. He will remain consistent until… Seek More

Take Time To Feel

If you want your feelings to make sense, you have to be honest about your desires. If you want your behaviours to make sense, you have to take the time to feel. I love being inside a church, but I… Seek More