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Did the hippy revolution change anything? We still hear the same old meaningless rhetoric. There are ‘the power of now’ thumpers. They just switched the book.

Take Time To Feel in Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra

If you want your feelings to make sense, you have to be honest about your desires. If you want your behaviours to make sense, you have to take the time to feel.

I love being inside a church, but I don’t like hearing ministers very often. Church is best when it’s quiet. Sacred places are wonderful. It’s too bad they profane them with pointless prejudice.

I’m guessing Jesus was a rather quiet person in his life. Yes, and anti-social. He spent long parts of it on retreat in the desert.

I think he had no blockages of these chakras, evidence the tantrum at the temple. He did have a tantrum. He beat some merchants and trashed their stalls, because they made a temple into a market square and that made him outraged. He had gone there for meditative reasons, and mocked him when he said their activities didn’t belong in the temple.

There is such a thing as righteousness. There is self righteousness, and there is being right with self. Being right with self is true honest righteousness, but having an elaborate system of self justification is actually hypocrisy. It doesn’t matter what reasons you have for anything, really. To the degree that your awareness is unfeeling, you are being a hypocrite. To the degree that you are thinking and not really looking, you are being foolish.

Again, I am not attacking thinking. Just conventional thinking, habitual thinking. Something strange happens when you stop trying to think and instead feel. Your thinking will go on no matter what. It’s a life function like breathing or a heart beat. But when you allow instead of try force to think, and instead focus your awareness on feeling, the thought that spontaneously arises is real, truthful, and natural.

A parting thought. Feeling is not the same thing as emotion. You will have all sorts of emotions. These are just reactions to how you are treating yourself. Feeling is a sense, like sight or hearing. It isn’t unstable or untrustworthy. Long explanation made short, trust your gut.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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