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Empty can be good. I like space in myself, breathing room.

Action Awareness in Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra

On the level of your gut, you have the primal memory of every sensory experience you have ever had, without embellishment so without delusion. This is why the second chakra can’t be lied to. It doesn’t track ideas about what it senses from people and places.

I’d like to be able to share with out someone wanting to fix it for me. I don’t want that unless I ask for help. If you try to share it, you will just do it, and they won’t know what to do about it, or why you did it. And when you move up in the chakras, you get more mental content.

So to discuss the second chakra further, I will speak some on the third. The third chakra is the center of action. Action awareness. Men block the second, but tend to overcompensate with the third. It’s natural as the energy system wants to balance itself out even without your thinking about it. It tries to throw more energy at the block. The third chakra is the first indirect interface between the voluntary and involuntary nervous systems. It’s connected to the solar plexus and diaphragm, and is why men have knee jerk reactions regarding all emotional experience.

Is this why men like sports and action movies so much? Indeed, it is, and both genders get stuck on the third chakra as well. I will go into that fully in the next class in this series.

They don’t want to get kicked somewhere sensitive, metaphorically as well as physically. It’s true. Metaphor and reality are really one and the same.

Where the confusion is, is this. Women want to wait on action, because they know they are sensing and processing things. Men, in order to be responsible and not get accused of being mindless dogs /sex addicts, try to focus on the third chakra, because they don’t feel validated in their root natures. They try to be by doing. This mars their understanding of their gut, and means men can be lied to more easily and tend to be more deluded about things socially.

How do you validate the fixer with out feeling like you can’t solve your own problems? You don’t validate the fixer. You show him where you are coming from. He has a blind spot in his awareness, but you can’t make him see. You need to translate for him, and this is the second part of the confusion. Women don’t handle the second chakra well either.

I tell him if it’s not broke don’t fix it. That isn’t a helpful thing for him to hear. From his point of view, it’s obviously broke because you are engaging in the actions of hurt feelings. This gap can be bridged, and either way, don’t mistake a mans desire to fix things as his being impatient or insensitive. If anything, he is hyper sensitive. In part, because his isn’t really experienced. He has had the experiences, but hasn’t processed them.

Yes. I get the hyper sensitive part. Sometimes it feels like impatience. It feels like impatience because his empathy is so strong it makes him really anxious. Your pain really hurts his feelings, and he doesn’t know how to handle that.

So he takes action to feel useful? Yes.

But I can tell him how he can be useful instead of him guessing? That’s also the problem. As I said, women don’t handle the second chakra well either. They are the blind experts, and they don’t clue their partners in. They inform them out. Like how tech support often makes you feel so insulted. It involves assumptions that aren’t fair.

I hate it when I hear women say, “I shouldn’t have to tell you. You should just know how I feel.” That is one of the unfair assumptions. The most obvious reason being men are hormonally and neurologically different, not superior or inferior. Women aren’t pulling anything over on their guys with the girl talk. He can follow it intellectually, and has one of a few ways of behaving regarding it. But women speak from their guts, and men speak from their lungs.

I think that is also the difference in physical center of gravity? Yes. It’s where both sexes feel most secure. This is also why men’s voices are louder, and why they don’t develop the habit of shallow breathing. Both genders can cross the gap. It’s really in their best interests to do so.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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