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Powerful Awareness in Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

This is the third in a series of psychic health classes. We are talking about the solar plexus chakra, and how it affects consciousness and our lives.

Tantien/piko? It is one of the Hawaii “chakra”. Yes, exactly that. It does correspond to the belly button. The sacral chakra is below that.

As we spoke of earlier, our animal instincts are governed by the lower chakras. It’s at the third chakra that we see the earliest level of what we would consider human awareness, and it is perhaps the most powerful part of human awareness, at least for most people. The part of awareness I am speaking of is opinion. New research in neuro-psychology has discovered that what was seen as a very simple part of the brain, the amygdala, actually influences all of our behaviour on a fundamental level.

Opinion as in judgement calls? Well, that too, yes. It’s the seat of judgement, and is actually the meeting point of the voluntary and automatic elements of the nervous system, and thus conscious function.

It goes “[opinion] therefore [judgement]”? Actually, a little bit more complicated than that. You have an opinion before you have a judgement, but you have a feeling before you have an opinion.

Is the third chakra what makes your hair stand up when you feel fear? Even if you aren’t sure why you are afraid at first? Yes, it is. The second chakra is a seat of memory, but the third is memory put into action.

Gut feeling? Gut is second, and the second chakra is actually subconscious. But it shows up on the level of the third to our conscious thinking. The third mirrors the gut, but at the same time it responds to the heart.

Interesting. A gut feeling and then we “catch our breath”. Second to third? Yes, exactly. Speaking of breath, it sets the rhythm for all conscious thinking. You cannot hold you breath and think clearly for very long. You cannot change your pattern of breathing and not change your flow of thought.

Most people have weird breathing habits because of conflicts between their heart and gut, between feeling and faith, and really those two fields are the whole ground on which we form opinions. You can act either on feelings or faith. Is anything else possible?

Some would say thought. You cannot act on thought. You plan action with thought, but you enact your plans based on feeling or faith. You even start thinking about things based on feeling or faith.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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