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Life looks like a path made of doors, until you realize that you don’t even have to enter the prison in the first place.

At The Heart in Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

You can’t really understand the third chakra without understanding the troubles of the heart. The heart is a grand temple. It’s the seat of the subconscious taken to a transcendent level.

At the level of the heart, you have a feeling of the expanse. At the heart, you have the awareness of heaven or the heavens. But your heart isn’t guaranteed to be a heaven, and the heart can be the seat of the Father of Lies, which is a term that actually predates Christianity. It was present in the wisdom of the Magi. The God Ahriman’s anme translates directly as Father of Lies.

Does the heart think lies are protection? Why do we lie in the first place? We lie because we believe, and we have jammed our third chakra switch. We lie when we believe we have no choice. The heart doesn’t think. It doesn’t even feel. It believes. There is an evolutionary explanation for this. The simplest creatures are literally heartless. They don’t need one as their simple structural and chemical systems are enough to provide them with all the energy they need to pursue what their little root consciousness is capable of. They don’t need anything more. The heart arose only when the organism had to have a wider range of adaptive options, and when it arose you got the parts of the body mind that could remember places it had been, and what that was like for it.

The second charka feels. The third chakra chooses. The fourth chakra believes, but it believes everything. It believes in anything. This shows up in a lot of the subconscious process of the brain. The hind brain reacts to scary pictures the same as it reacts to auditory threats or painful sensations.

So the heart remembers past lives? Yes, it does.

Gives you that feeling of knowing someone for a lifetime even if you just met yesterday? Yes, exactly.

The heart doesn’t choose. The heart is actually not wrong. It’s a wonderful synthesizer. It is the seat of wisdom, because wisdom is the synthesis of all experience, and the body mind experiences on all levels. It can only be made whole by a part of your consciousness that accepts everything, believes everything.

Now as I said earlier, my reason for talking about the heart was to understand the mystery of the breath. The solar chakra, the universal spirit or Holy Spirit to Christians and Jews, has always been represented by a flame. It’s an independent force from the individual, just like air exists independently from your lungs. But the will, being the wonderful sensor that it is, reacts not only to the heart and gut. It reacts directly to the electromagnetic fire of the world around it. It doesn’t know or care where the electrical stimulation is coming from, but it can misrepresent it.

The third chakra is a big holographic plate, and the gut and heart are the working and passive beams that allow images to be viewed on the third chakra.

We can get false signals? We don’t get false signals. We get bad synchronization. The gut is the working beam. It sets the actual strength or light level of the image. The heart is the passive beam. It broadens and deepens the image, and spreads it out so it shows in its proper dimension. The heart working properly gives us perspective, but you can’t work without the working beam. You make bad choices without the gut. Add in the spiritual sensitivity of the third chakra and it can seem like other things are making choices for you. Feel like God or a demon or spirit is making choices for you. No such thing is happening, but that third force is actually the substance of the choices you think you are making. You don’t choose objects. You choose subjects. You choose reactions.

A feeling like God is punishing you? Feeling like God is punishing you is an imbalance between the heart and gut. To speak of it theologically, God gave you your gut to house your spirit or drive. You are meant to allow for the gut. To express the gut in the heart. But instead most people think of the gut as evil, and thus jam the switch on heart.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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