'Solar Plexus Chakra' Chapter

Solar Plexus Chakra

It’s at the third that we see the earliest level of what we would consider human awareness. The part of awareness I am speaking of is opinion. The second charka feels. The third chakra chooses.

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Powerful Awareness

This is the third in a series of psychic health classes. We are talking about the solar plexus chakra, and how it affects consciousness and our lives. Tantien/piko? It is one of the Hawaii “chakra”. Yes, exactly that. It does… Seek More

Choice Center

I find panic comes when I can’t decide which one to follow within me, heart or gut. That’s the problem for everyone. This is why the third chakra is so often out of balance, and really this happens because people… Seek More

Choice And Free Will

What is it to make a choice when all choices are dictated by the spirit of the world? Harmony or disharmony. Playing an instrument well or poorly comes to mind. And that is part of the choice making process, yes.… Seek More

Inner Dancer

You do nothing without the third chakra. So if you need to do new things, remember to catch your breath. This resets the chakra. It doesn’t have memory, that’s lower in the gut. It has reactivity. It’s a membrane that… Seek More

At The Heart

You can’t really understand the third chakra without understanding the troubles of the heart. The heart is a grand temple. It’s the seat of the subconscious taken to a transcendent level. At the level of the heart, you have a… Seek More

Choice Making

People in relationships… Half are in the heart camp of everything is wonderful. Half are in the gut camp of just the facts. Very few are balanced in a relationship, especially a new one. Very true. There are a few… Seek More

Heart Balance

Is there a difference between a panic attack and an attack of emotion? Yes. The attack of emotion is worse. A panic attack is situational. Even if it’s mal-adaptive, it’s still environmentally anchored. Emotion attacks tend to be more chronic… Seek More