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Imagine is to choose one’s state of being, and luck is when this preparation meets one of the countless opportunities that arise in life.

Heart Balance in Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

Is there a difference between a panic attack and an attack of emotion? Yes. The attack of emotion is worse. A panic attack is situational. Even if it’s mal-adaptive, it’s still environmentally anchored. Emotion attacks tend to be more chronic and more pervasive. They leave more serious scars.

Like my breathing feels out of control when I’m really in a crying fit, but if I let it happen then I feel better. That is an attack of emotion. When you let the heart broadcast clear, you do feel better in that you feel clearer. Feeling being a function of the gut.

Do I get those emotional bursts because I’m in the habit of blocking my heart? No flow? That’s exactly why. Emotion is just an internal energy state. A syntax of your neurons and hormonal balance, if you prefer a material view. When it’s blocked from communications from the gut, it pools up without respect to the spirit state, becomes unanchored from spirit.

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Is there a point when you should seek medical attention for these attacks? I have to be careful of giving medical advice, but I would say that if you are not able to see to your safety and well being effectively due to the emotional attacks, you might be better off with the prosthetic offered by medication, at least for a time.

Wine? Wine has benefits taken in moderation. And perhaps something you can use more freely, tea. It actually has an amino acid that sets your brain into a relaxed but aware state. It will let you feel your emotions without getting freaked out as much.

When I walked off my job, I felt for a moment that I should step in front of the bus as it pulled up. But then it went away even quicker thinking of the mess it would cause my loved ones. The heart isn’t foolish. It just needs better balance with the gut and head. That’s what you’re doing when you think you are making a choice. Otherwise you would feel fine and just do whatever you are doing. You wouldn’t make any new choices.

The master observer is the frontal cortex. This corresponds to the sixth chakra, and unfortunately most peoples sixth charka has degenerated into a raging bigot. But its job is to identify what it is you have focused your attention on to properly inform you of meaning. Unfortunately, it took the advice to get bent much too literally. The heart can fix that, but you have to have a grip on the fifth chakra for that. The fifth chakra is the seat of stories, of language, and we will explore it in depth later.

Any questions about the third chakra? Your chooser? Do you have answers? If so that will change. These classes should just set you onto an awareness. You don’t have a body and a mind that are separate. You have a body mind. Your endocrines in your belly and all the nerves there. Your vitals in your rib cage and all the nerves there.

I found that doing yoga helps me think clearer, gets more blood to the brain. It’s a good practice for that. Tai Chi also if you can’t stand staying still for long periods. Efficient brain metabolism is great. It links the flame/prana to your inner spirit and brings wisdom.

Tai chi for me is walking on the beach on a windy day. Having a good walk in a natural place is good for energy balancing also.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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