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Truth is transcendent and we each have our own truths.

Charity From The Heart in Charity


I don’t recall the exact system of belief, but there is a school of mysticism that says we don’t have a single soul, but instead we have three. An angel, a demon, and a human, and all three are our own souls.

Do they match up with the three brains? They do indeed. The demon is the reptilian brain and knows nothing of charity. The angel is the cerebral cortex or neo-mammalian brain and knows nothing of mercy, and the human is the middle brain or heart brain. That same brain that allows us to come to love our pets and care for our children despite the illogical side of it.

The human is the feeler. The one that feels like donating just because they want to? Yes. Charity stems from the heart, and when distressed your supposedly higher functions will fly out the window thanks to the mercy of natures guidance.

Have you ever been truly afraid? I mean fearful for your life? When you were powerfully afraid, could you think about your bills? Your budget? Your chore list?

Maybe the opposite will be easier to relate to. Have you ever been rapturously in love? Did you notice peoples hair cuts? Could you tell someone what color of shoes someone else was wearing? You do not recall what you do not question. You cannot select what you automatically accept, and you cannot survive in judgement. Can you? Have you ever heard a survival story that involved someone caring about losing something they owned?

They tend to pull the person out first, the car later. The car later or not at all. It’s not wrong to want things. It’s not wrong to want possessions or favours. Where charity is lost is when we delve into the concept of deserving. The idea that you are owed anything.

The good hero never expects a reward, but accepts one graciously if it’s offered? The hero still has needs. He has to survive, even thrive, to better serve.

I have often been asked, “How dare you?!” My response to that question is “I dare because you do.” I willingly commit horrors. I can even show you how. Name an evil you have dealt with, I can share my way in that circumstance.

Wilful neglect of an animal? Those who neglect fear loss. They believe that they are entitled to keep whatever they have. In that situation, I would either take the animal or see to it that the authorities take the animal. Whichever creates the least mess for me, and will in doing so fulfill the fear of the neglectful one. Is this wrong of me? Uncharitable?

Fear is a gift we have. And it can be charity to give it. I have given fear. I have given despair. I have given aloneness.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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