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What is Essence Vitale, Qi, Ka, Pranam? by Nikhil Manna in Guest Articles

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From a martial art point of view, I would say that Chi is simply the language in which our body communicates to our brain. Lowering centre of gravity, using traction, keeping zero tension in the leg and synchronizing it with the breath and moving in a J shape following an imaginary tunnel. It is not really what we think of. We tend to think in terms of sensations. People talk a lot about mind-body field and there are so many somatoform disorders. Confidence is also the main thing succesful athletes share. The art of using our body is the art of Qi manipulation.

These terms span from Europe to Asia.

Isaac Newton experimented with Alchemy a lot, but gave up as he didn’t get very far. In “Civilization and its Discontents“, Freud does talk about an infinite source of energy that can be tapped through the art of meditation.

If Isaac Newton was successful, would science be totally different? People tend to be very biased towards mechanical physics, but quantum physics opens so many paradoxes. There are so many scientists that have faith in the String Theory of the Universe, and yet this is something that is simply impossible for humans to prove or disprove. Science might be changing then?

The “philosopher’s stone” is a metaphor for enlightenment/satori. Alchemy is about changing one form of energy to another. Freud does talk about libidinal displacement and so on. Kundalini Yoga is about changing those base drives into a more universal form of energy, instead of changing it to a need to have a sports car or whatever. According to Nietzsche(/Freud) even intellectual gratification is a form of libidinal displacement. I would tend to agree with him as opposed to his existentialist predecessors Camus and Sartre.

Saraha contributed a lot to spirituality, and he was a great scholar from a family of scholars.

Scientists did believe in Ether long ago, and nothing happened to disprove this. Yet, as more scientific knowledge developed, they dropped the idea which is now getting very popular amongst quantum physicists. String theory: All space tends to be filled by strings of energy which vibrate and give the macrocosmos its properties. (That’s my lay description.)

What does emptying our mind have to do with Big Bang? Emptiness.

Nikhil Manna
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