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Feeling you have to do what you can’t, prevents you from doing what you can.

Grace in Charity


I have, and may in the future, behave in ways that people would consider cruel and without guilt. Why is that?

One act of charity is to live and let die. Charity is not only about giving presence, accepting presence, but also allowing that presence to behave according to its own nature, allowing presence to fail.

There are children among the young and awakened. They radiate total joy and acceptance. What will happen as more like them appear among us? Children can show profound charity. They usually are the best examples of it. Man will make their own angels or demons. Both are children of man.

Will charity extend further and without need for legislation? It will have to, of survival. This is why so much in society is breaking down, the lack of true charity.

Seeing your charity challenges me to do more. You’re more generous then anyone I’ve known. I have sat with thieves, drug addicts, sociopaths, and psychopaths. My most loyal friends were the children of alcoholics and the insane. People violently abused by their parents, siblings or partners. In all the evil I have seen, I would ask for shelter from only one group. Can you guess who?

Therapists? No.
The disadvantaged? No.
Those without? Nope.

One of my old cars had a bumper sticker with a prayer on it. “Oh God, please protect me from your followers.” I would ask for shelter only from the normal, the sane. Those who are supposedly the examples of the good and decent.

Normal is subjective anyways. Healthy and normal are not the same things either. That’s true, and we have the idea of a normal person from the ultimate insult to charity. The idea that everything will be all right, and that any problem is someone else’s problem. That our leaders will make everything all right, and that our churches will teach everyone the way to God.

I often tell people that nothing they could tell me could frighten or offend me. For whatever reason, I used to have nightmares of human behaviour, people I have never seen, situations I have never experienced. One example. I once dreamed of a pretty young woman being beaten to death by a man with a baseball bat. She was dying slowly, begging him to stop and pleading that she loved him. Another nightmare of mine was a young girl who had just been sexually violated by a man and was crying in extreme pain. He was trying to quiet her, and went into a store to buy her one of those rainbow bright dolls. I remember the details clearly. He drove a bright red pickup. My sleeping life was once defined by these experiences. That and those linked to people I actually knew. People had interesting nightmares to share with me. They had nightmares about me. But to get to the point… Everyone is selfish. Everyone is weak. Everyone greedy, deceitful, and hateful. There are no exceptions, and I can literally not be surprised by any evil. Yet I show charity. Why is this?

It isn’t in your nature to do otherwise? But there is more to it than that. There is no such thing as time. No events have a separation between them. Evil and good happen simultaneously. The light and the darkness dance together in patterns and rhythms of shadow. The sinner never forgets their sin, and for want of understanding of charity, the Saint in them never awakens. There is a cycle in reality that can be called many things. Christians have called it Grace.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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