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The question in life is not “What is my purpose?” That question just makes us look really silly. The biggest question in life is “Are we having fun yet?

Charity Starts At Home in Charity


Have you, my friends, ever rejected something you were offered?

Yes, but only if I truly did not want what was offered.
I’ve rejected many small things.

Why did you ultimately choose to reject these things or favours?

Because possessing this thing was wrong to me, inappropriate.
Some things I’ve rejected because I felt the other person was doing it to excuse their behaviour in some way. Some things I’ve accepted that I didn’t want, because I wanted them to feel their behaviour was excused.

What would these people have behaved like if they were fully in your presence? Fully aware of your presence with them?

They would know what I truly want and feel comfortable with.

In my life, I have accepted much evil. What would make me do that?

You let them be who they are? Why would I choose to do that?

It makes you happier not to resist what is? Happier… Well, perhaps in the long run. Tell me something, do you feel safe in your lives? In your homes?

Not always. Why not? I feel safer when my husband is home. I tell myself nothing happened just because I’m here all alone, so stop worrying. I don’t really know why.

People have always told me they feel safer around me. Even people who have openly stated that they do not like me. What would make them say that?

It’s safe to be with someone you know will be straight with you? You know where you stand.

Do we feel safe standing on a rock that we don’t really know is there? No. I accept presences because I like to know that the rock in under my feet. I like to know that the air is clear to breath. How can one support what or who they are unaware of?

That reminds me of men who didn’t see it coming when their wife asked for a divorce. Yes. Charity starts at home, and ends at home.

As for the home intruder, I make no effort to keep home intruders out. If they are a threat, they won’t honour my request. So instead, I let them in and I myself leave. Then I accept that I must call the cops. Or I let them in, and knowing my own home better than they, I would proceed to deal with the threat to my life.

It’s good to remember that they probably just want your goods and not you. So it’s not worth your life to save your TV or computer. This is true.

What makes someone steal? All evil is an effort to see to ones own good. It’s undertaken in the belief that they must behave as they do, to achieve their own good, even if that good is a twisted sense of justice.

Charity begins at home, but the first home should be recognized as your body, self, spirit, mind, heart et al. Indeed, charity must start with the self, which is why it’s possible to feel at home anywhere.

So “charity starts at home” is accepting that territory and the presences in it? Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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